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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Memoir of the Gamers

Ive been playing computer games at the age of 15. It all started when my uncle, who was just graduated from Mc Gill Univ in Canada (Comp Sc. degree) stayed with us for the earliest months upon his graduation. The first game was Fifa 98. Which was at that time was deemed as superb,magnificient and wonder with all the 3D graphics

Fifa 98

Then, i addicted to the game which i cant recall its name.It came with me as a hunter or savager completed with guns and ammo.i complete dthe highest level when i defeated a big gigantic man with the body of crab.below is the likeliest screen of the games i played.

During my undergrad in MMU, with all the hyper IT facilities, again I indulged on MIRC.not to be involved chatting anonymously with stranger which in return is anonymous or fake or you'll never knew the truth identities.but i joined a quiz channel.the bot gave the questions and the winner was the fastest given the answer.i was ranked among top 5.and for God sake , i was using a 'kreeping' as a nickname.psycho isnt'it?and at that time i already wear the long hijab and actively involved with muslim student associations.LOL

MIRC : Does it bring the memories?

At the same time, I played The Sims.And my desktop often jammed because of the high graphic demands from it

Then,the revolution of Yahoo Messenger.Again,I spent my time playing games there.Started from the Scrabbles and joined the Fuzzy warm Feeling room, then moved to the one like the BookWorm and word games.I played almost everything except the games involved strategy and war something like that.

And while using Facebook,I addicted to Restaurant City.LOL!Luckily it doesnt demand too much time as player can start the shift and the game will be opened accordingly.

My Restaurant , Lazis at Restaurant City

yet,i still have my life!


sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

sy suke yg gmbar pistol pnye permainan,tp x ingat...mmg best family games kot..sekarang suke main Harvest Moon ..ngan fam gak tp sejak jadi student,langsung x main...x sempat

nur.najib said...

awak pon main ek kan game tu.dedulu tadek nk ada watak pompuan seksi2 ni..akak ni blajar pon main game pon kuat gak..kehkehkeh..

sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

teruknye, hehe.LOL, apa eh nama game tu?x ingat