this is my 3rd sequel from the mental lexicon saga ( too old to heart cullen).the mental lexicon I was abandoned because of the slow server.the mental lexicon II is-now-defunct simply because i lost the password and can't login.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

kisah cendawan

sedang aku memasak,tiba2 dari tingkap dapurku nampak benda2 putih di halaman belakang rumahku.aikk?sejak bila plak fungus bernama cendawan ni membiak plak.itulah padahnya jarang keluar ke belakang.tak kuasa aku dengan ramai pak2 indon tengah renovate rumah jiran sebelah nih.biarkan aja.aku pon tatau kunci mana satu.haha.

aku pon cube membuat lawak bodo dgn suami aku.aku tanya dia "abang nk makan cendawan tak?" dia jawab "eh?cendawan.bila masa plak abang beli."haah..jerat mengena."mai la sini sat..tengok ."sambil aku menuding jari pada cendawan tak bersalah tu.suamiku menjawab "itu kalau makan berbuih2 mulut."sambil die kembali tengok tv yg ntah apa2 citernya die melaung "nantila abang racun balik!"

hehe..seni seorang istri..harith hamzah kene suh bakal zaujah blaja ok

Friday, May 28, 2010


tetiba husband aku cakap teringin nk aku buat cheese cake & cookies macam kat mesir.aku dgn selambanya jawab.."nak bakar kat mana?unggun api ke bang" sabar je la. ada harapan ke nk belikan aku oven?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

keen on animals

This is my second daughter , Nusaibah. She was born in Cairo,Egypt. And she proud of it and claimed she is an Arab.hehe.

The day before yesterday, she said she wanted to be a frog.Yesterday she wanted to be a bird.And today she said she wanted to be an elephant.And she loves watching Animal Planets and Animal Mechanicals on Playhouse Disney.

Yeah.Kids like that.Love animals.Veterinar or zoologist would be nice job for her then.Ummi prays for you,girl!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


melinda gordon said to her partner "no matter how big our wedding reception , the only matter is you and me."

school holiday is around the malaysia,people will choose this holiday to be married and held their wedding reception (walima).

regarding the marriage , in Islam the best woman is the one with the reasonable affordable amount of mahar and produces loads of children. but in a current situation , we witnessed the walima which is for me in a very large scale and outrageous.ok , people might say , it is once in a life time.but , hey ! is that necessary to splurge a big amount on it instead of keeping that excessive head banging spent money into your account for your new life after marriage?

and wedding is getting too much commercialized and somehow being used as a way to show off. dont you see , most of the weddings now have this rented luxurious car (ie mercedes, bmw) to fetch this married couples to their walima's venues.ok , lets us use our neuron on this incredible brain to justify this.if you are working with average income below rm1000 (approx USD 300+) and your partner is in the same level , WTheck you think when you decide to ride a MERCEDES during your walima?To show off?Listen to me dear,better save it for your future and dont started making any instalment!

And this so-called wang blanja kahwin, it is a bit different from mahr.this is your gift of money to your future wife and popular in malaysian culture.again WTheck you charged your future son-in-law RM10,000 for your just SPM holder working as a general worker in government agency.*dush*ding*dush ( punching my bean loathing.)Did you know that he is just a N27 staff in government agency and doing that you are burdening your daughter's life.

And the wedding feast.Why must nasi minyak/briyani and all those heart attack-on-the bay menu?why dont settle on the more healthy and yet affordable menu.Try roti telur or sardin or plain rice with roasted chicken & laods of vege?and plain dont need to borrow from others to marry your child.

Again,the wedding dresses.As i stated on my Facebook.It is okay to wear cheap items as long as it doesnt look cheap.Applied it here!Wear matched dresses & apply the suitable make-up. And again,Prada shoes,Givenchy make-up doesnt make sense to you if it doesnt matched with yourself.Be creative.And again!!please no replica of these famous name.Carlo Rino or Bonia is just good as the previous stated!

Last but nor least,respect your guests.Not all your guests loves to hear the voices that enables to crack their ear & whack their head (that including me!).Dont blaring any song session on the loud speaker.Just make it private among yourself & family.If i want to listen any song,Ill just stick to Rihanna,Beyonce & Mariah carey (what?hahaha)

And keep humming the sound of poverty ? this is what we called plain stupid , arrogant & never learnt a lesson people.get up!practice the real teachings of Islam.*duh


im a bit in the middle of interpreting my data.yes.i need others' findings to support and discuss my own findings.somehow,i lost good words & i didnt know what should i write.the best thing is : watching NCIS:LA..hehehe..TV time!!


i made nasi lemak a fried talapia.however, i fall asleep after watching criminal minds.means that i didnt stored all the foods left, in a fridge.and my husband didnt help me doing that either.and today : hunger strike (no cook).shared responsibility must be learned and im not a maid either.lets taking care of our home together.

nasi lemak (rice in coconut milk with anchovies in sambal,boiled eggs,roasted peanut & cucumber)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

food for my tum?

having supper @ kunang-kunang.the supposed 'candle lite dinner' in the midst of lush jungly(?am there any word like this) garden, the garden cafe is cool place to hang out.but the rain came so heavily & i cant stand the wet & coldness plus i ordered ice-blended before.ouch...back at home..flu was waving..argh!! lets see what we had there.

they called it tiramisu ice blended.the only thing i drink when i came here.

plain rice with chicken in green thai curry which is similar taste to rendang uwan nogori prepared by my grandma.

if u ask me what i ate ..the answer i ate breadcrumb on

and did some grocery shopping @ pasaraya grand union (what?katne tu?)well,somewhere in industrial area in seri kembangan.i bet UPM students or staffs knew this place.the price is so much cheaper and my husband discovered this gem:

OMG!!this is granola bar in forms of cereal and it is much more cheaper and value for your money.i love mornflake products but i couldnt find it @ carrefour.wondering how it can be ended up in this neighbourhood mart.i didnt eat this with milk.i took it as a snack.and it is so delicious.i love the oaty...hahaha..ok stop..u r exaggerating it nour..time to interprete your data back!!unless your SV will call you..taaa

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cakap cakap

pak mertua aku cakap
"lagi 4-5 bulan lagi,nafeesah (anakku yg baby tu) jadi kakakla".

mak mertua aku plak cakap
"umur nafeesah setahun dapat adik lagi la"

aku plak cakap
"no no no no.not yet."

husband aku plak cakap:
tak cakap apa2 tersengih aja ---?apakah maknanya?

Monday, May 17, 2010


first of all ,this lil girl is 7 months old today.she is trying to crawl and can sit quite well ! how time flies!

my parents just came back from their vacation in surabaya,indonesia. they bought me a piece of beautiful 'kerawang' telekung , batik sarung , pelikat sarung for my hubby , coffee & choc

this is mocha.its bit sweet for my palate

this capuccino will make starbucks run for their money ! masyaallah so tasty & creamy ..also have that choc powder.and yes the name is tora bika

the batik sarung is the purple nice & fine.the motif is not too javanese though which is i like!!!and the color is so rich and this beautiful item is yet too cheap and i really heart mom said,she bought 15 pieces and has this pastel pink batik sarung.i think i want a matter of fact,i wear it at home.somehow,i didnt do justice for this beautiful piece of art.sigh

describe me

ok.his pic wit face mask is too horrible & gory..yikes!i put this normal pic instead

i asked my husband on phone
"how will you described me?"
(this is what happened when you away for almost 10 days,dear. im getting crazy)
"cold,psycho,confident & full of revenge...ermm sweety too!"
that's fitted the profile of bipolar disorder psycho killer my hun! are you imagining me as dr hannibal lecter the cannibal of what?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

selamat hari guru

satu cubaan berani dari pelajar yg lembap menyiapkan draftnya :
Nour El Nageeb to S. Daud: selamat hari guru ,dr. terima kasih sangat2 jadi SV saya yg sangat baik & berdedikasi..moga allah kurniakan balasan yg lebih baik utk Dr & family ..(dr..sabar2 ye tunggu draft saya siap..)
moga dr tak minta draft secepat kilat..siap letak dlm ucapan..apa daaa


ok.i couldnt myself to share this with you !!credited to phd comics

"the hard part is not knowing how long your thesis will take"
"atoms can exist in different energy levels.kind of like grad students"

  • and WT.. VLA is stand for Very Large Array..Ohh God !!!
  • and LASER is actually being mnemonized (is there any word like that?) from Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
and besides of bombasticing sentences for more high impact papers,academician also great at initializing things.believe me.try read those journals.they invented or re-invented techniques,methods or tools and usually they named it by initializing it!!

*what r u doing nour? instead of blabbing bout this you should interprete your data. ARGH!

Ayyam Zaman by Tamer Hosny

please enjoy this song by Tamer Hosny = Ayyam zaman.
* and this is what we called STATIC VIDEOCLIP

Saturday, May 15, 2010


it is tiring when your husband is often outstation for business a month, a total 8-12 days he spent in a business outing which is primarily in penang.since the vessel & all the cargo loads arrived in penang port so , he had to settle all the customs' clearance there.

ok.i might sound selfish.but i just couldnt ignore how i felt about this.before,we survived long-distance marriage which made us spent 'bearable' separation for 13 telling you,it was so hard and i will never do it again .he hinted about he wanted to strengthen his business in egypt. thats mean stay there for a year or two.fortunately he wants to bring all of us.but still in vague about that.and he'll be in egypt soon.not sure when.and that could take up to a month.

i might say that im used to this situation but deep inside , my wifey & ummi instinct, it is just too hard. sometimes being apart make the hearts grow fonder.but doing it in a relatively often make your heart grow colder.

oo allah helps me!

80's for latte

80's for LatteFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

80's for Latte by Nour El Nageeb featuring Kate Spade jewelry

the only thing i need is $ money money (sing as in the Trump's The Apprentice). i didnt have that bag or whichever the closest resembles it; and im not sure whether i can wear sunnies.i wear glasses with high prescription.and that charm bracelet..wowwiee..!!and that affagato (duh.i misspelled it. oatmeal will busted me)..ok 80's are making comeback. expect bling2,chained bags,weird & loud colors.enjoy! OMG..i really wear what i polyvored.

abaya! need your help!

i finalized this three.this is will be my abaya for special occasion.which one is the best?share your opinion with me please.

handmade embroidery with wide sleeves.
those sleeves come with roses & stones.i likeey too!

those ruffles & stones are wow!i hearty too!

Friday, May 14, 2010

baiti jannati

i put this on my FB status :

Nour El Nageeb personally thinks that : a home with small kids
, it is just normal to have some hint of existence of this small
creatures (read:scattered toys,smacking puree,wall graffiti with
alphabet) as long as it is part of us teaching them about cleanliness.
note:grammatical disorder might be traced.beware for those who are perfectionist

i just want to share with the readers some insights on my living (ceh..budget celeb ke?)enjoy.

simple & nothing- grand living room.eyes can be deceiving.there were something lied on the floor.

supposed a notice section.thats mom's day card handmade by both my girls.and congrats card and reception card from che nubb.oo yeah that basket is for my that he can easily dump all his things there without scattering all over the place.

nusaibah in my little-not-so-secret garden which all the plants are on the pots.well,neu haus will see great landscape

my kids enjoying their times! paparazzi will haunt us!!lol!kiddink

HEART is definitely not a HATE

one fine weekend almost finished morning (yeah.i slept from 8-11am) i opened my eyes and my deary husband, asked me "why you hate me?". And me, still confused after my soul just got back to the body replied "what hate?i dont understand"."You wrote it as your YM status."he said.(ok.he onlined downstairs.and sometimes we communicate using YM.i just too plain lazy to go downstairs.)

After few seconds of connecting what he said and the facts,the truth just popped in."Ohh that status. it is 'heart',abang.not HATE." And i demonstrated it with my hands , by doing the heart thing (refer to the above picca)."read carefully ok!".He smiled.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

niqabi , am i?

this is what happened when your brain's fluid became too blaming the aging process (yadda!) for the short attention span.after 2 hours stalking journals that could support my new findings, i became exhausted on 'gulping' the bombastic and outta this word lexical systems used by the scholars.

academician is a way linguist people.i gave you an example of their superpower of transforming oh-so-plain sentences to da bomb phrase.

written in a paper publish in a high index journal:
disparity between the social expectation and the deaf capability to socialize is widened and identified as the key to their low self-esteem.

in a simple word & simply understood by normal ppl with life:
their low self esteem can be caused by their low capability to socialize in general. also classified as the user of bombastic words.tadda*

now about the niqab.i just used a piece of shawl.and wrapped it and it turned out so well even i made a niqab out of it. the moments,i dont think ill wear niqab.i have this urge to wear it but considering the 'uruf and my situation it is best not to wear it. wallahualam

thanks for reading. xoxoxo (only for my sisters in islam..ooppss not that one NGO in malaysia)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


O People, lend me an attentive ear, for I know not whether after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. Therefore listen to what I am saying to you very carefully and take these words to those who could not be present here today.

O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you. Remember that you will indeed meet your Lord, and that He will indeed reckon your deeds. Allah has forbidden you to take usury (interest), therefore all interest obligation shall henceforth be waived. Your capital, however, is yours to keep. You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity. Allah has Judged that there shall be no interest and that all the interest due to Abbas ibn 'Abd'al Muttalib (Prophet's uncle) shall henceforth be waived...

Beware of Satan, for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things.

O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah's trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.

O People, listen to me in earnest, worship Allah, say your five daily prayers (Salah), fast during the month of Ramadan, and give your wealth in Zakat. Perform Hajj if you can afford to.

All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.

Remember, one day you will appear before Allah and answer your deeds. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.

O People, no prophet or apostle will come after me and no new faith will be born. Reason well, therefore, O People, and understand words which I convey to you. I leave behind me two things, the QURAN and my example, the SUNNAH and if you follow these you will never go astray.

All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; and may the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly. Be my witness, O Allah, that I have conveyed your message to your people".

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

how to lose weight

salam 2 all (ikut gaya YB zul nordin)

ramai tanya camna i lost 11kg in 4 months.ok mari saya dedahkan rahsianya (skali bunyik macam iklan kuruslan badan plak).utk pengetahuan, jika ada tertulis nama2 brand apa2 ke,saya bukannya pengedar or buat bisnes ke,saya guna utk diri sendiri.lets see how i done it:

ini paling pnting.motivasi saya : MUSTI KELIHATAN DA BOMB & LEBIH MUDA dr suami tercinta.supaya die tak bley nk complain & ada any cita2 menggatal k!

Bermujahadah!saya amik heavy meal once a the other 2 heavy meal i replaced dgn protein shake.i consumed herbalife F1 saja with 250ml soy milk or low fat can choose which meal yg nk makan seperti biasa.For normal meal tu,sebolehnya kurangkan karbo.nasik tu skit2kan.banyakkan kudapan.selang dua jam musti sy amik segenggam nestle fit.saya banyakkan mkan sayur.selain itu,minum kopi radix bley contorl rasa lapar.cube try minum ptg dgn kopi radix jek.

serius.rasanya adalah 3 l sehari.bila lapo jek minum air.

takde la mana exercise sangat pon.buat keje2 rumah + dukung bb yg merap je dah banyak kalori terbakar tu.besides,sy nursing my baby.since sy tgh siapkan tesis , sy part time ngaja di U**.sibuk la jugak.agaknya otak ni consume banyak kalori kot.

sangat penting.satu kajian dari barat menyatakan org yg ingin diet , apabila menulis kdr pemakanan dan kalori yg diambil hilang lebih banyak berat badan.serius.kalo kita tulis kita akan lebih kene tau bape kalori makanan.sila baca kat info nutritionnya,bape kalori.

this is how to calculate ur calories burning.
Energy balance=calories from food - (BMR+exercise+any activities besides sleep)
how to calculate:
BMR for female= 655+(9.6 x weight in Kg)+(1.8 x height in cm) - (4.7 x age in years)
example to calculate : 1500kcal from food - (1500+700kcal burnt from exercise)
Energy balance= -700 energy balance.
That's the amount of calories u lost.

amalan saya dr lepas bersalin bulan 10 ritu sampai rini.logiknya ada juga : pati hali expel la perut org melayu kalo x dapat nasi mulalah before pening,pedih perut,marilah melumur pati halis pagi & malam.korset tuh juga penting.jika kita baca cara rasulullah saw mengikat perutnya dgn batu ketika lapar,inilah yg boleh saya ambil jadikan teladan.tak dapat batu,korset pon jadilah.

ok.saya dah share jadi sekarang terpulang pada anda.serius x payah abis2 duit pi kat slimming centre mengarut tuh.gilos.kos saya nk kurus ni pon dalam rm600 utk 4 bulan.dan tempoh 1 bulan pertama diet adalah penentu keberjayaan anda!jgn putus asa kalo hilang 2 kg je sebulan setelah anda separuh nk mati berdiet.ekekekke..sebabnya kalo dah start hilang kg,lagi mudah lepas2 tu.

SELAMAT BERAMAL!sila kongsi ya kisah kejayaan anda pas ni!


if you have piles of cleaned & washed clothes that need to be folded and you are so damn losing your intrinsic motivation to clear it , do it my way : spread the clothes on your bed! that way , you ( and your husband too) will HAVE to fold it & have a nice crisp tucking bed sheet for you & your heaven-matched spouse . i tried it many times & it works!

Monday, May 10, 2010

masak memasak?

hari ni mak mentua i yg masak lunch.sbbnya aku tertido tak sedaq diri lepas solat subuh sampai kul 1030.dapat tido dalam 4 jam gitu okla..memandangkan dalam 48 jami sebelumnya aku tido 4 jam sahaja.seriyes saiko.dah rasa cam mayat hidup (bukan penagih dadah ok).bergerak tapi soulless..wahahha..ayat tak bley tahan betul.

tapi aku qadakan tugas memasakku belah petang.aku rasa family husband aku jenis yg metabolik tinggi.sekejap je dah lapo.tapi tape la depa kurus2.kalo cam aku ni.buat gaya depa mau jadi pokok renek herba (sendiri faham .ekekke).aku pon gorengla mee.kebetulan husband aku pi pasar borong selangor beli udang yg manis bangat dan mee kuning basah buatan makcik dr kelantan..halal gitu.aku buat satu pek tu habis.pak mertua aku semangat makan termasukla laki aku tu (lepas tu die sibuk nk udang tempura la plak) and mak mertua aku. husband aku ckp sdp..ahhaha aku ni mmg..aku rasala aku mmg pandai masak cuma aku malas jek..huhuahuahua.masa kat mesir,kawan husband aku makan karipap daging aku buat bertalu2 siap suh jual kat rumah selangor..amboii sampai gitu..ekkeke.. nk buat camna bang..istri mu ini bukannya apa..sibuk bangat dgn tesis.

slalunya kalo family husband aku dtg dr kedah,aku akan buat masak lomak nogori.tak kisahla ikan ke,ayam ke,daging ke.drang pulun la makan.asben aku cukup gomar.aku taruk cili padi sampai 14 biji..amek ko..trebakau usus!nak buat camna..dah darah noghori ado kek badan den ni hah.abah den org gomeh laher kek batu keke kolo pilah

anak2 aku,aku masak nasi goreng cheese + telur..drang mmg suka makan nasi goreng (cam aku gak.aku x suke sgt nasi berlauk).sebelum tu aku kukus pau kacang merah jek

aku tgk PIL kalo dok sini tenang je.takde nk buat perangai gaduh2 ke.kalo dok kampung tu ade jek huru haranya.aku da suh duk sekali sini.biaq harmoni keluarga. aku pon tak kesah.kalo nk amik maid pon rasa tenang sbb ada gak pengawasnya.nanti aku puujuk lagi l apak mertua aku ni. die bukannya apa,sayangkan projek bela itik mascovy die tu. siap bawak nk bg aku rasa..tapi aku x minat sangat itik.mungkin sbb masa kecik penah kene kejar itik kot.

konklusinya : aku masak sedap cuma malas jek..ahahhahah self promotion

happy mothers day !!

selamat hari ibu!! me,the loving mom , celebrated it with my sistas, angah & adik.and i brought my merap baby girl, nafeesah along (yeah.i already made a kangaroo pouch.and she sticks on it.kidding).where the others two?well.let the daddy took care of them.yay!

skali kecik plak gambo ni.malas aku nk upload lagi.berzaman nunggu

teema,kok ye pon nk handphone.jgnla bawa nafeesah punye hp hello kitty die k!

actually this was our adik beradik pompuan/sistas outing. my lil sis (read:teemama) persisted to have this small foodie doodies events @vivo times square.supposed mother's day we treats our mom. in our case,terbalik sudah.our mom plak yg treat us. they paid our dining experience with cc.
sebagai membalas budi, adik2ku membelikan mak 6 biji donut krispy kreme.ok..let's see what we have:

hours de ouvres (sorry tak ingat spelling) : chicken wing
angah ckp x elok mkn wing.sbb kaco system badan kita.steroid sijab kat kepak ayam.jaga2 nanti anda akan mengepak sprti ayam plak.kokokokoko

main course : seafood baked rice.background : teema's spaghetti meat ball

seperti biasa,aku musti nk ice blended.kali ni choc.

for dessert : chocolate devil.makan baca bismillah supaya tak jadi syaiton lps makannya ia.sian adik aku teema.choc volcanic die da meletop kat iceland.hahahhaha

lawakan aku amik gambo makanan.guna camera hp pon da da bomb.kalo dslr? ( i heart self-promotion)

thats a list of food ordered by three of us (who ironically on diet.wakakkaak...makan cam puasa sebulan).daalam kejadian yg sama , ada sepasang couple arab duk seat sebelah nk order makanan.die x tau ckp english & BM.yg waitressnya tak reti cakap arab.die nk 'samak'terkebil2 aku tgk waitress tu.asik la pak arab tu ulang samak berjuta kali.pas tu 'gambari'. 'ruz'. maka aku terpaksala tolong jd translator dgn bahsa arab aku yg hanya berkisar pada makanan.hahaha.die takmo kalo dpt seafood menggeletis jadinya.kat negara drang agaknya asik makan daging aja..itulah..dah pakai ala2 arab harus tau berbahsa arab!

okla.itu saja.aku nk sambung mendraft.malas nk wat conclusion.mengejut stop!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

hari sukan taska islam UPM

hari sabtu ritu,hari sukan ank2 kakak rumah adik rumah kuning.satu benda je yg aku & husband lupe.dpea takdak kasut sukan.dan sedar malam sebelum sukan jam 12!!!suamiku pon mulalah menyepahkan store room cari kasut sukan kak nuha yg lama yg boleh dibagi kat nusaibah.nasib baik jumpa.yg xde utk aku sambar je kasut berjalan die yg ala2 sporty tu.

kakak nuha yg bersemangat kesukanan.

acara nusaibah no 2 dlm tentative.die masuk lari.memandangkan ank2ku ni ada eczema dan venue sukan tu plak dalam hall yg berkepam & panas,maka start la depa menggaru2.sian aku tgk die.tak fokus nk lari.melelong2.dr lane no 1 sampai ke lane no 5 die merentas desa..ekekke..last2 no 4.takla dapat medal.dapat la hadiah saguhati towel + air mineral..(towel sangat berharga ok..nak2 utk yg ank2 kecik.slalu tukar towel bebudak ni)

lepas tu kakak plak lari sambil leret bola dlm gelung..die dah dahului no 2 /3 dalam 15% nk sampai skali kasut die tercabut.aku rasa amat bersalah!!!tp die teruskan gak sambil bawak kasut die.very good fighting spirit nuha!

cabutan bertuah sangat tak bertuah!!!kami no 275..yg dpt 271,273,272,278,279,276...argh!!!
aku ponnk gak merasa hamper free.silala sesaapa bagi aku lepas ni ek.o yeah..aku rasa cam ternampak lecturer aku masa degree.anak die satu skool dgn ank aku la pllak.maknanya wife die staf UPM la kot.die wat lalu2 depan aku plak.aku tau die nk camkan muka aku ni kot.aku nk tegur tp suami aku xde masa tu.die dok melepak kat luar .last2 nk balik tu,aku senyum kat die.malas la plak nk berbual2 plak.sat gi husband aku banyak plak tanyanya.

hari sukan disudahi dgn makan kat PKNS aku tak makan until 6pm baru makan.sbbnya : baby nafeesah tumpahkan ayaq nesloku..habis basah kuyup bau neslo abayaku.. hilang mood aku nk makan.dahle aku tak tido dr malam..melelong2 pi sukan ank..die melasak tarik cawan.nasib baik tak jatuh cawan.biasala da ada ank2 kecik..giliaq makan.aku bg husband & ank2 yg dua beso tu makan dulu.adoyyy..

apa2 pun kami enjoy!!!!

org tak habis acara lagi,kami sibuk bergambar kat luar mengadap kuih muih..hahha..


i guess my body cant take it anymore. seriously. for a period of 30 hours , i slept 3 hours and now i started to experience heart beat is too fast.i started to sweat & my chest felt tight.and i breathed in afraid, time to sleep.selamat malam.

if this is not my sacrifice of acquiring knowledge , i didnt know what it should be then

Saturday, May 8, 2010


satu gambar diambil oleh kanak-kanak berusia 4 tahun.satu lagi oleh 'kanak-kanak' 22 tahun.cuba teka yg mana satu?hahhahahahahahha

dah romantik2 skali ada terselit plak bro tu tgh2

the truth

the key to write a successful paper is to use 'bombastic' words even for a simple words.layan!!

Friday, May 7, 2010


jika gigi anda kuning,berkarat & berplak:marilah bersiwak.saya mmg ada stok kayu miswak ni tp skang tinggal sebatang je (menujukkn betapa berkobarnya sy menenyeh).mmg amat berkesan.x yh guna tooth whitening chemical.gigi mmg cantik,bersih & putih.mai amalkan sunnah.ado borokatnyo

Thursday, May 6, 2010

ready for salah jumuah

i made this set for my dearie husband.and i know he will wow me to death by wearing this!

pijak spek mata

terpijak spek mata snediri.akibatnya:

  1. kembali ke nikmat asal penglihatanku yg makin berkurangan
  2. merasai cebisan sedikit hamba AlLah yg ditarik nikmat penglihatan
  3. turun tangga pon berthati2 umpama pengantin baru
  4. menaip umpama terpaksa melekatkan mata di skreen laptop

kesimpulannya: mata adalah anugerah.

black & white mode

i just need that gladiators to complete this look.well,im a mother of 3. and the youngest la enfant 6 months.thats explain the stroller.enjoy!

we love arab food

we went to Mat'am Saba 2 days ago.My sis,Teems missed their food so much.and my husband,who is Arab fanatic couldnt agree more.We ordered so many food.Listed is the food we ordered
  1. Rice with grilled chicken
  2. shish tawouk
  3. fasouliya
  4. omelette
  5. chicken chop (mom..this is arab restaurant.i didnt know why she ordered this)
  6. caramel
  7. custard pudding

omelette (i want that yemeni made this!LOL)..i tried many times but didnt taste same as theirs. egypt it is made with tomato paste (solsoh) but yemeni version is husband told the owner ,of course in arabic "This is not fasouliya.Egyptian have it with tomato paste"and he said."We,Yemeni dont use tomato"

And we eat that fasouliya & omelette with lebanese bread.I had lemon juice which is so refreshing & full of diet property (kahkahkahkah).after the tummy filled with loads of arabs food , we went to alamanda.

melaram with abaya bought from lin samsuddin & shayl farah from dubai.ngeheheh

the end

oo yeha before that , id locked all of us outside the house.the key was in the house. LOL!my husband had to broke the door knob and we still 'knob-less' until about procrastination here.i cant bring this issue before him else he will nagging me for causing the door knob-less.kekekke

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bring me the romans!!

my next hunting mission : WHITE GLADIATOR SHOE

from nike.looks nice & comfy
from debenhams

or maybe carlo rino.i found one at the back of pearl mag (JJ's mag) is great!
we'll see

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


aku terbaca somewhere di alam maya "my baby will cry when i leave her and when i come to cuddle her she will smile.i love that feeling".huh?(sambil angkat kening aku).bagi aku itu satu kenyataan yg diromanticizedkan.personally,aku dgn ank-ank berderet2 nih dan si baby picah peelnya gitu jugak dan feeling aku : ARGHH!! abang nk maid!.

ye la.kalau ank sorang tapela.tunggulah bila ada anak ramai.nk2 cam aku ni hah berderet tiap tahun.dahla takde maid.terkial2 sorang dgn keje part-time aku lagi,dgn tesis aku yg tak sudah2 (mana taknya.no1 nk makan,no 2 plak nak mandi pas tu yg no 3 menangis nk susu.bila kemasanya aku nk free?),baru korang mengerti yg tangisan begitu kdg2 memeningkan jiwa raga.sampai aku tatau nk rasa apa.hahahah.i might sound "eh ..die ni kejam betul..apala punya mak." cube fikir balik.mak2 zaman dulu korang ingat ada masa ke nk mengepit 24 jam dgn ank2nya?kalo gitu gayanya x jadi keje la kan.dgn nk masaknya, basuh kain pakai tangan,itu ini begitu begini.kadang2 aku rasa ibu2 muda skang ni cam over plak.memandangkan aku ni kira dah seasoned punya ummi jadi aku pon tersengih je la baca.suka sangat meromanticizedkan sifat seorang ibu.

lepas tu,supermom.bak kata harith, seorang ibu pelengkapnya bapa.(aku sebnanya tak paham nk relatekan dgn kenyataan aku sebelum ni..hahah)please dont call me supermom.sbb aku x lahirkan anak2 utk jadi batman,superman,spiderman or any superhero.slain tu, aku ni,kalau ank2 lasak , tak makan cakap , maka keluarlah suara halilintar petir sabung menyabungku ni.(tp aku sangat2 jarang mengetil, mencubit, menampar anak2ku. bukan jenisku begitu). bila da keluar suara keramat yg pasti x dapat challenge bilal bin rabah yg suaranya merdu hingga ke syurga,barulah ank2 aku diam.lepas tu bley sambung balik melasak.angin betul memandangkan kadar melasaknya kurang aku maafkan.tapi kalau dah lompat 3 anak tangga sesuka suki smabil gelak2 mana aku tak naik taufan!

ye.aku sorang ummi yg berleter.kdg2 menjerit.amat jrg skali mencubit dan sebagainya.yg rimas dgr ank2 aku menjerit menangis.tapi itulah kehidupan seorang ibu.dan aku tak rasa nk jadi hipokrit dgn menyatakan tangisan anak2 aku tu umpama lagu merdu di telingaku. walaupun begitu,aku masih ibu penyayang..(hueheuheuehu)

(gambar x ley upload.slowla internet)

Monday, May 3, 2010




nampak sangat aku takley keje data-entry clerk

suami rajin

semalam adalah hari yg sangat gumbira buatku.husbandku,ustaz najib dgn bermurah hatinya membuat semua kerja2 rumah : basuh kain,lipat baju,mop lantai,basuh pinggan mangkuk, buang sampah.dan aku?diberi tiket utk tido setelah aku tak tido satu malam bertungkus tumus dgn ms tesis.katanya suami aku;kesian dekat aku yang nampak pucat & bergelang mata macam panda.

sekali lagik:beginilah bahagia rasanya ada maid kan?tapi,my husband revisited his idea la plak.katanya xde privacy ada maid.alamak.jatuh berdebukla angan2 ku nk wat tesis di siang hari.


i love reading The News Straits Times (not much the news section.most of the column actually). One of the column that managed to get my 'precious' time is the one written by Wan A Hulaimi about the effects of television. He stated several studies by the scholars on the bad effects of television on children & adults.

One of the study shown that , sticking your eyes into that glaring box stopped your critical faculty of mind and loosen you into unattentive states of mind, which made you susceptible to any information rendered. It is said that television is the BEST medium of brainwashing and the viewers are not really cares on the content.

what say you?

ok.on somehow-related matters,i dont think watching some local productions (read:drama melayu) really demands you to buy Full HD or HD screen.the simple one will do you justice.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

otak-otak = otak ?

ok.otak dah makin membeku.sampaikan malay word utk 'next' button pon aku tak bley nk pikirkan.serius kronik tatabahasa aku skang ni.kalo english-english bolehlah aku me'merriam-webster'kan drafting aku ni..adoiii..serius..bila otak da beku aku pon mengviewla gambo cupcakes yg aku telah ditag dalamnya oleh sweetrespite. memandangkan tokeynya As adalah kawan seopis aku yg sama2 suke menjebakkan diri selain dr tesis & awanis,post grad stud yg sdg tunggu nk konvo on food engineering (harap2 wanis x taruk GMO merapu meraban dlm cc kami!) maka aku biarkan aja tag fact i heart it!kegilaanku cupcake drang tuh.dah bape kali aku order dah (bkn stkat order dan terhdam jadi darah daging da ni).

cupcakes theme chic girl diorder kazenku,lili,(postgrad upm gak) yg buat aku meroyan memalam ni

maka azam aku minggu depan : nk order cupcakes drang.uwaa...akak lapaq choc moist cupcakes hampa! hampa taruk ubat guna2 paa???sedap jadi tak ketahuan akak ni.okla.ada baiknya senaman otak dgn sdkit bacaan quran & tahajud.moga hilang merapu aku ni.salam

aik?merapu meraban ada plak aku idea.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

celebrate diversity

im a bit conservative when it comes to my faith.i have many muslim friends from other countries which of course have different sect and opinion of their own.i tried my best to celebrate the differences as I think it is utmost important part as a muslim.the ukhuwwah (relationship) is more precious and sacred to be demolished by the diversity of thoughts.

however,i found it is a bit disturbing,when some muslim kept condemning the existence of secretarian (mazhb) and the most saddened is to bad-mouthed the alim ulama (islamic scholars) who initiated it (read:imam hanafi,syafie,hambali,maliki).i dont see any wrong of practicing their opinion since most of the muslim are not able to have their own learning and understanding of Islam thoroughly.Their opinion and views can help us in guiding ourselves.It just a guideline and not a strict rules we have to obey.some consistency might help in creating peace of mind in our lives right?.it is confusing for muslim who know little about syarie to live his life without practical guidance.And again there is reason why Allah made Quran with non-fixed rules (besides hudud).because He wants us to use our brain and celebrate the power of aqli besides of naqli.

yet,this is the most reason why we failed to unite.we are too ego to accept differences.we are too ego te respect other opinion.and for most of the times it is done not just in the name of ignorance.but drive by pathetic