this is my 3rd sequel from the mental lexicon saga ( too old to heart cullen).the mental lexicon I was abandoned because of the slow server.the mental lexicon II is-now-defunct simply because i lost the password and can't login.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

happy dakwah ii : dakwah thru music

i saw new combustion of songs with good message in current situation.credited to my husband who sometimes tuning to Hot fm to cease all the sleepy-ness caused by boring discussion on

i didnt take a hard or syadid stand when it comes to entertainment although me myself are not a keen music listener (except for samy yusuf.he is god-sent to us!!*alamak terikut gaya wan azizah plak da)
i believe in self-control and wasatiyyah is indeed important when handling mubah cases.

several new songs like kekanda adinda by monoloque & atilia , is for me a very good song with very good message for facing the increasing of divorces among Malaysian. the song beautifully potrayed dilemma of a wife in choosing a career or starting a family. well,of course, argument is mostly there in any marriage.and the solution stated on the song among others : mari kita komunikasi. (let us communicate)

then, the song by suhaimi meor hassan & anna not sure the title but the lyrics advised the unmarried couple to avoid being overboard. : jangan pegang2 jalan renggang2 (dont touch each other , walk apart)
again, during the wave of baby dumping season, this song at least tickling the sense of coupling people who listen to this kind of music.

and the maher zain's craze is indeed one very good way introducing nasyeed to youngsters who shying themselves to this kind of genre.they started to sang the dzikr and dua which for me something that we should be happy to see it.imagine this : youngster who never knew arabic words and rarely in touch with islam, suddenly utter the Barakallahu lakuma wa barakah..subhanallah, i hope they will find the meaning and ALLAH gives hidayah to them.

again...dakwah is indeed has vast method and approach.think of our mad'u (the people we want to dakwah) and we should try our best to actually tackling them.if music can do it, let it be.make the music more meaningful and full of naseehah (advice) and let them infuse with good word such as dzikr,dua from the song.
me, myself re-treasured the beautiful of islam thru music too! i'tiraf by raihan.masyaAllah, i turned to a new leaf, from people who sometimes neglecting islam to fully commit to it.

dont just talk.walk the talk.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


i might say, i have good quality in fashion department. although im having a 'zuhd' life nowadays (hehe) but seriously, it doesnt kill my fashion fact im made a good fashion police.people can judge me.

but am not putting my focus on fashion.i just wear abaya & shayl.i said JUST.not for any other reason.i wear it for it modesty & comfort.i prefer a toned down design & fact,the minimal it is the more i like it.
the era of fashionista on me had faded (lol!!budget artis hollywood?)

so now, i became bored to visit fashion-based sites.furthermore yg ada abaya-based.kalau jual xpa set yg fashion2.kalau nk berlebih2 sgt,sy takkan berabaya.saya pakai je kaftan.maybe kita patut dengar balik perkataan TABARRUJ la kot.

yeah.back to normal life: game..kehkehkeh

Friday, December 24, 2010

my kid is the best?

i cant stand it.many parents want their child to be gifted. a child is a gifted in natural way. if you learn how children acquire their life skills , youll be amazed! thats how ALLAH plan the best for these cute creatures!
i read on paper, an actress said her 6months old baby can 1 year old can read.aiyooo!!be it. this is extreme cases.

my response was: god blimey!! i believe in the natural (fitrah) can guided the development but not forcing or exerting it.every child is unique & special.enjoy the moments with them.feeding too much cognitive inputs without taking any consideration of others input ,e.g., communication,social,motor is not a good thing to do.

Friday, December 17, 2010

mom & career

work with passion.thats the key.if you are a career mom, enjoice it.bear in mind, you are working to gain His pleasure by helping your family economy and society. if you think that way, ALLAH, the most merciful & compassionate will give the best for you in return. dont feel upset for not having enough time with your kids. instead, grab the most time you with quality is really a quality not quantity that the kids treasured.

if not,you felt grumpy on the less-time spent on your kids, take bold action.quit and find something you enjoy doing a SOHO mom or full-time homemaker. by doing that, your niah of working because of Him are not betrayed. think about thousand of people who really badly needs your job.if you loss passion on it,leave it and stop whining.

there is choice in our life.sometimes, we cant have it all perfect.we need to balance.feel guilty wont help either.taking bold action that truly satisfy your innerself is the only solution.otherwise it just covering the surface of the issues.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

open up

i cant stand people who blasting all things from west are bad and came with hidden agenda. there are some bloc of people who abstain themselves from having vaccination and avoiding any kind of family planning based on "that's Jews agenda". OMG!(reminder: this pillow talks applicable for married couples.i didnt condone any illegal sexual intercourse among muslim (read:ZINA) in facts i hate that so much)

did you know that, medical advancement is a gift from God? it is really up to us to think which is good and which is our country, the rate of maternal & infant fatality are dropped and among the lowest in the region.why? because of the quality offered by the health service in our country; in which includes proper ante-natal care and post natal care.we have vaccination fro examples Rubella,HPV,UTT; which is helps on diminishing the risk of fatality during pregnancy. these vaccine also helped by promising better health and preventing any worst case.

what i cant stand is,when people kept condemning, this is all the agenda from jews to ruin the muslims.i see this ante-natal care is a good way of taking yourself during prevents you from having any complication later on.

and talking about married woman, contraception is a hit among us. if you want many kids go ahead.dont blame people who use contraception. there is no wrong for married couples to plan their family. see what happened now? we are good in quantity but somehow it doesnt translate into quality. even in Islam, breastfeeding is encouraged until 2 years old because it is good way of family planning (i think that is why ALLAH stated 2 years, so that you can continue bear a child later on.2 years are ideal for next baby, i guess.again,this is what the muslim scientist should study.there is always an idea on what ALLAH said).
even among the sahabah of prophet Muhammad saw, practiced azal (ejaculated outside the vagina) to prevent pregnancies.

i didnt know what to say.sometimes we need to open up a lil have internet, use it to find info.

Monday, December 13, 2010


the crisis is over.everybody learnt a lesson. ALLAH gave us the hardship, so that we treasured Him for the relief.


i often involved on heated discussion. be it on the real life or the virtual one. it is not that i am a person who likes to argue. it is more to "i am a person who loves to voice my controversial and critical opinions".*dang.but again, i speak the not going to argue something which is not based on the scientific findings or the documented just wasted my time to be indulged on some hearsay * i sound like a lawyer?

malaysia is a place where we breed timid people who often hiding their views and opinions. we are society that shaped up by 'keep quiet' is the best. however, this situation is true to the extend of the real world. but in virtual life, we can be that nasty and whatchamacalit?*coward.well,it is not a weird Malay society, the rising usage of black magic or sihr is one of the best evidence on how coward Malay is.we tend to have sweet talk, polite attitude in front but the bad,evil and yucky heart inside.then we sorted to the black magic to fail our hated people's life.

ok.back to the real issues on being might saying that,i am indeed a person who a bit stubborn and as long as people can provide an evidence on what am saying is rubbish, ill fight for it until the just my nature that, am not easily give up.often, i view some issues 1000 years ahead * exaggerating at this point.i always look some issue from many perspectives. from my personal psycho-profile, i am blessed with high empathy; in which explaining on why i always put my self on other's heels*kiddink.suppose shoes.

but,am not malaysia,politician or people who joined the politic wagon,no matter how many doctoral dissertation they have, they tended to slip their mind and suddenly became a monkey.*thanks my ex-schoolmate,arif atan on this idea.they cant stand the heated arguments with rational and clear conscience.resulting on bad-mouthing which actually make a fool of themselves.and at the same time, this kind of people is dreaming of leading the country?my saying is : pah (which is a gesture indicating no in deaf)
you can lead a country.planet of the apes, might suit you.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

ust azizan razak

MB Kedah Ustaz Azizan mmg pandai berpolitik. Susah media nk eksploit dia. Kalau taknak media eksploit, mungkin pimpinan PR yg lain boleh blajar dari dia.

itu pendapat saya. bila ada isu di bangkitkan , pihak PR akan ckp ini mainan media saja. jgn pedulikan. masalahnya, jika kita sendiri tak hati2 begitula. kene pandai la perbaik damage mcm ust azizan.
masalahnya lagi, ramai je pimpinan ...PR lain yg melatah menari berjoget dgn isu tu. amacam? boleh terima?

Friday, December 10, 2010

go diego go!!

my research fields involved special children. betcha! they are awesome! it teaches me to be grateful with what ALLAH gives me. i also met great Deaf who really makes me so determined in my life. One Deaf lady is doing her PhD in UM and alumnus of Gallaudet Univ. in America (hey,that's the prestigious school for deaf studies!).
if they can do it, why cant we?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

bun in an oven?

im waiting for my viva.and i received positive feedback from Prof. L in the Netherlands on being my future SV for my doctoral.and i am thinking of applying permanent with U*M

and my husband has been offered by Kedah government to set up a marketing centre for IKS products.means that it is easier to stay in northern area.My husband asked me to apply permanent job in U*M and doing my doctoral there. But he asked me to wait and rest for at least half years before proceeding my study. AND he hinted for the 4th child.actually he said this for 4 times.

deep inside,yes it sadden me.i have my own dream.and it is actually 15% completed to be reality.and we are still negotiating on this.

ALLAH,please guide me.

Friday, December 3, 2010

trivial & substantial

ok.let me myself clear.the following rant is not intended to hurt is general is my little knowledge ALLAH gave me through my humble learning from ustaz2 & ustazah.WARNING: if you are sensitive dont read.i use the humour approach on this that you wont be burden reading it.happy reading!!

i give you two condition.
  1. on women's bloody issue (no pun intended!)-all that menses (haidh), postpartum bleeding (nifas) and wiladah.
  2. what colors my stockin *(OMK! i didnt remember how to spell it in english) should be?

let we slowly delve into this matter by answering these questions:
1) which one is more important?
2) which one is involving major impact and judgment in Islam?

if your answer is 1 = excellent! you know what matter most
but if you answer 2 = ok. dont you have any other important thing to do *or at least to ask? or to think?

proceed with analysing
no 1 = woman menstrual cycles and nifas and wiladah are among important things that we should make ourselves very clear and understand it deeply.the reason: it is correlated with the whole of your life.

you might ask? how is it so?i have regular menses every months.
i will said,it is important to know too.because youll never know when your auntie menses will going crazy and cycling all through the month.

haidh,nifas and wiladah are too much related to our ibadah. when you want to perform solah, you must be clean from haidh,nifas & wiladah.the same goes to fasting,hajj & umrah.if your auntie M suddenly going mad and cycling non-stop..wait!! dont easily said it is istihadhah.

besides calculating the cycle, you have to see the colors of your bleeding. if you are really sure it is not haidh you must perform solah and jeng jeng jeng ...proceed to the next level ------>

and also sexual intercourse with your husband.if you are having istihadhah, your husband has right and not haram for having sex with you.and this blood issue extends to divorce & iddah.talaq is done if you havent have any jimak with your wife and she has her menses (the reason: so that she will not be preggy after you divorce her and prolonged the iddah).iddah,on the other hands, 3 times of suci from haidh.

ok is your perception about your menses.complicated isnt it?it DOES surely involved those haram,halal issues right?

analysing no 2
what colors my stockin *(socks) should be?

first of all.socks issue is khilaf.imam hanafi said it is no harm of exposing your feet.ok we going deeper.

other imam said feet should be doesnt matter using can be by lowering your clothes so that your feet is hiding or wear islam,this is what we call the flexibility.but since we are in malaysia, mostly followed mazhab syafiee, we are required to cover the feet.but why asking colors? honestly, i havent think about it.when my mental awareness digesting the info from those series of kuliyyah,i know the clothes should not be tight and i wear a thick sock which is of course didnt show my skin fact i wear it in a beige *which is considered as skin colours in clothes term.

and my q: does it involves major hukum here?
the answer is up to is can choose it.i cant stop you from choosing your choice.and so do mine.

do you know that, bani israel is a follower who burden with heavy syariat?why?because they keep asking trivial things and burdening themselves unnecessarily when there is an easy way stated by surah al will know how their attitude is.

as for me : ISLAM is is a very easy doesnt burden the followers.and why must we wasting ourselves thinking and discussing something trivial whereas lot of major things we have to think and do?divert those energy by preaching and reaching 75% malaysian muslim who dont perform solah rather than indulging on the khilafiyah issues.learn some awlawiyyah.together,we create biah solehah!

wallahualam.may ALLAH pardon me for all my wrongdoings.

notes: this is not an is my approach on telling my dearest sis & bro which one is more important

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Belated Birhday, Nafeesah

17 Oktober 2009 , my 3rd child, was born at 0022 in hospital sungai buloh.we named her Nafeesah Aqeelah , in honor to sayyidah Nafeesah, grandchildren of Rasulullah saw and Aqeelah means person with brain.
during my pregnancy, i never gave up.i lost my laptops & my academic certs (with all the participation cert during conferences,smeinar etc) when she was 7 months on my utero. i lost all my theses. i didnt have the latest back up . am losing my journals. and ALLAH knew how suffered i am. i cant help myself to dua, the thief will losing his hands & feet for that. just few days before she was born, i went to school, completed my observation,interviews & intervention sessions. and a day before my blood transfusion i still in the school to collect my data. i was so determined.

thats hour after her birth with over-jovial walid who missed to witness her birth

thats nafeesah now.after a year!
(yes.succsesful person was groomed in this way.put the expectation and csay it to your kids)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

no reality tv no

i hate watching reality shows.too dramatic and too many teary eyes!
how can i stand watching a contestant who joined the lose weight program but crying for being too tired doing work out?then why on the first place you join it?exercising is utmost important job on losing weight and youre crying because too tired of doing it? ARGHH!! you made me losing my mind!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Memoir of the Gamers

Ive been playing computer games at the age of 15. It all started when my uncle, who was just graduated from Mc Gill Univ in Canada (Comp Sc. degree) stayed with us for the earliest months upon his graduation. The first game was Fifa 98. Which was at that time was deemed as superb,magnificient and wonder with all the 3D graphics

Fifa 98

Then, i addicted to the game which i cant recall its name.It came with me as a hunter or savager completed with guns and ammo.i complete dthe highest level when i defeated a big gigantic man with the body of crab.below is the likeliest screen of the games i played.

During my undergrad in MMU, with all the hyper IT facilities, again I indulged on MIRC.not to be involved chatting anonymously with stranger which in return is anonymous or fake or you'll never knew the truth identities.but i joined a quiz channel.the bot gave the questions and the winner was the fastest given the answer.i was ranked among top 5.and for God sake , i was using a 'kreeping' as a nickname.psycho isnt'it?and at that time i already wear the long hijab and actively involved with muslim student associations.LOL

MIRC : Does it bring the memories?

At the same time, I played The Sims.And my desktop often jammed because of the high graphic demands from it

Then,the revolution of Yahoo Messenger.Again,I spent my time playing games there.Started from the Scrabbles and joined the Fuzzy warm Feeling room, then moved to the one like the BookWorm and word games.I played almost everything except the games involved strategy and war something like that.

And while using Facebook,I addicted to Restaurant City.LOL!Luckily it doesnt demand too much time as player can start the shift and the game will be opened accordingly.

My Restaurant , Lazis at Restaurant City

yet,i still have my life!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

what's now , namewee?

we just celebrated 53rd Merdeka day.but the spirit of it was smeared by several racist remarks in our country.let me put this way.i viewed these racist remarks as rare and isolated cases.altho there were somehow indicated rapid surge on this uncivilized act.

now,namewee is being arrested under Sedition Act.the reason is clear.if people said this is unfair, "why is only him.not the headmistress?" i would simply said : "he already given chance 3 years back when he insulted ISLAM and Malay.and doing it for second time for what ever the reason is totally unacceptable." if people arguing " SO,the headmistress can do it.but not Namewee" my logic answer would bewhy must the racism remarks repay with the same one?it wouldnt help will create more racial tension & hatred (true isn't?)

my clear conscience regarding this Namewee issue is ; he was going overboard this time.because this is his 2nd time (or more?am not sure) for purposely doing an act of insulting other races.if he didnt satisfy for example with TNB or the headmistress, it is totally wrong to fight back with the racism remarks.No matter what,condoning bad behaviour in return to the bad behaviour is totally a state of mind from sick people.
and it is more sickening if what he lambasted is about ISLAM.and i read the translation of his songs , he insulting KPM.whats wrong with him? have you ever heard "kerana nyamuk seekor, sekelambu dibakar?" i sniffed a sense of arrogant here.if you really and badly want to fight for justice , do it wisely.write a letter to any editorial instead.

for those out there,who really think you are just people & want to uphold the equality , respect and justice , be aware : never ever to condone any racism , whether fully, or is either rascism or non-racism.sadly,it is easier said than done.

Monday, August 23, 2010

happy dakwah

ok too tired *actually this is my brain talking.

i love to read ust zahazan's articles and ust azhar idrus's fiqh kuliyyah.both of them are positive people who so far using their knowledge instead the emotion on dakwah.

they speak facts.they speak only the thing that should be mattered.and they speak a good word.

i observed some trends of ppl regardless their career,have tendency to see in a negative and narrowed view.take an example,many people complaning about the declining attendance in Tarawikh towards the end of Ramadhan or performing Isya & Tarawikh in jamaah but not maghrib. again for me,if i am a masjid committe,i will welcome them instead of insinuating them.they come with the purpose to perform an ibadah.instead of have bad perception or su'u dhan it is better for me to have positive attitude on their attendance rite?they are guest of ALLAH and i didnt see any reason for me condemning them.and i believe if i do that,they will be run away again.rite?and again if it is because of my bad mouth they are turn away from masjid,did i do any good here?

secondly.ppl loves to comparing and set-up a benchmark which is sometimes is out of credentials and cant be generalize.*my lord!i sounds like reporting my findings*.given a situation: back from teaching at 6pm.rushing at home to start preparing iftar at 630 and by 715 still in the kitchen.and what i am doing is preparing food for my husband & kids'iftar.and again comparing it with reading mathurat at the same time frame?for me both action are inshaallah will be rewarded.i saw nothing wrong of ppl preparing foods for iftar.ALLAH promised reward for those preparing it right?why fuss then?and considering the uruf,Malaysian working hours and traffic and the way we cooked our food,it is almost 7+ ,we finished all the things.

thirdly.i prefer to use positive word instead of negative.for example.i would like to say :inshaALLAH,boleh!.because i put an effort to be boleh and at the same time i give all my strength to Him.psychologically,good word vibes positives attitudes and claiming that this is from western and refusing it is a bit naive.why shouldnt I take a good from the west and applied it?we have brain & mind to judge which one is good for us rite?instead of scaring myself and motivation about deathness,i prefer to see it this way : everyone is going to die.and to live is to do the best deeds.which will again helps us in akhirah.*instead of being sad,demotivated,i choose to be happy and embraced the facts that ill die doubts.

wht am trying to say is: there is no harm to be positive in is really up to us to change the mindset.

happy dakwah!

my lord

upon completing my thesis.I WANT TO SLEEP FOR A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!
God.i am a sleep-deprived creature.Help me O is too near to complete.

Monday, August 16, 2010


my husband told me : "You are too methodologic"

Me: "am afraid.for all these times i taught Research Methodology"

after a long discussion on the needs of proper planning & professionalism on conducting business. I accidentally applied the methodology taken during conducting a research.and I didnt aware about it.Sometimes,the knowledge seems to haunted me.hehe.

Monday, August 9, 2010

siri makhluk halus

tertonton satu segmen tazkirah ust zawawi di tv.katanya org berwudhu ada 2 malaikat yg menjaganya.subhanallah.saya amat percaya kerana ALLAH dah tunjukkan pada saya buktinya.

kami sekeluarga telah diganggu makhluk halus.hanya ALLAH yg tahu sebab musabab kami dipilih utk diganggu.satu mungkin kerana,kami suami isteri telah menggagalkan rancangan iblis syaitan yg ingin menyesatkan kaum keluarga suami saya.(utk lebih lanjut boleh lihat entry "Bercakap dgn jin".
kami berubat dgn ustaz2 anak murid dato harun din dan balik di selangor,kami sambung di darussyifa.antara amalan yg kami disarankan utk mengamalkannya adalah sntiasa dalam berwudhu.

apa yg saya boleh katakan,bila berwudhu,mmg ada kekuatan yg amat sangat terbina dalam diri kita utk melawan gangguan makhluk halus tersebut.begitu juga dgn berpuasa.makhluk halus itu seolah gagal menakut2kan kami.seolah ada rasa pendinding yg mengawal keselamatan kami.andai kata itu adalah malaikatMu ya ALLAH,aku rasa amat sayu Kau tunjukkan kekuasaanMu pada kami ya Rabb.berbeza jika dalam keadaan berhadas.anak2 kami juga kami arahkan berwudhu dan membaca alfatihah,3 qul dan ayatul kursi sebelum tidur utk mengelakkan gangguan.

sesungguhnya,mmg sangat benar,jin dan syaitan tidak akan sekali2 berhenti cuba utk menganggu manusia.dan jika kita terpilih oleh ALLAH utk dibuka hijab antara dua alam itu , maka tentulah atas REDHA dan IZIN ALLAH.bagi menguji hambaNya dan membuka mata dan hati mereka yg beriman.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


keluhan ini keluar dr mulut seorang remaja yg berumur awal 20an yg sudah berkahwin kerana mengandung ank hasil zina."iskk..cemburu tgk adik *** masuk ILP."sambil lepas tu buat perangai ni yg mmg jenis hangin je dgn dia ni menjawab "masa blaja sibuk merendek.padanla."manfaatkan usia muda dgn sebaiknya ya.nak hidup senang tapi malas blaja dan kerja, bolehla jadi batu.sekian


when you proposed your topic to your potential SV, you are actually proposing the end of the leisureness in your life. Doing a research required loads of blood,sweat and toil (and money).you can do your postgrad in coursework, but nothing beats the 'hip' of doing it with research.It teaches you how to discipline yourself and at the same time carefully guided your self-motivation so that you will keep rise following the setbacks. It is truly for those who experiences it.Nobody will help you unless you help yourself.We not only have to attend classes at night (for those who doing mixed mode like me),completing assignment but the primordial task that would not stop pestering you is COMPLETING YOUR THESIS.It is all about progress.If there isn't any, your thesis is getting nowhere and infinite years needed it to be completed. know are strong enough to sail in a rough sea.go go pirate ahoy!!!

zina lagi?

Ketua Menteri Melaka mencadangkan utk membantu golongan 'miang' yg masih belajar di bangku sekolah utk berkahwin.

.namun demikian,dari jangka masa panjang, tindakan ini dilihat sebagai satu langkah yang hanya menyelesaikan masalah pada permukaan sahaja dan bersifat jangkamasa pendek.seperti yg saya pernah tulis sebelum ini,'mengahwin'kan sahaja penzina ini bukanlah satu penyelesaian yang terbaik. Bagi saya,penyelesaian yang terbaik adalah menyuruh mereka bertaubat dan kembali ke jalan yg sebenar dan barulah berkahwin.Jika taubat dan menerapkan ajaran islam tidak diambil kira,maka masalah sosial masih akan berleluasa.

kita tidak mahu,dari perkahwinan sebegini rupa akan menghasilkan generasi yg lebih porak peranda.asbab perkahwinan adalah zina.anak pertama anak zina di mana secara nasabnya tiiada hubungan dgn si lelaki penyumbang sperma.dan dikhuatiri,keluarga yg didirikan atas dasar zina ini,akan menghasilkan pula generasi baru di masa hadapan : GENERASI SUMBANG MAHRAM.

selain drpd cadangan mengahwinkan mereka,janganlah lupa,ajar mereka kembali kepada ALLAH.ajarkan juga kepada mereka bagaimana mahu menangkap ikan.agar di kemudia hari perkahwinan,tidak menyusahkan ibubapa . paling ditakuti disebabkan nak jalan mudah utk hidup selesa,ada yg menjadi pelacur,pengedar dadah dan segala macam kerja2 maksiat.Yang mana akhirnya,gejala maksiat itu tidak berhenti malah berlanjutan.

Jika ingin diadakan sekolah utk pelajar2 hamil ini,saya cadangkan kurikulumnya tidak terlalu akademik.mereka ini sibuk dgn seks,dgn jantan bukannya banyak sangat dlm otak mereka buku dan ilmu.jadi bagi mereka kemahiran dan yang paling penting kelas tarbiah pemulihan akhlak dan iman.

tidak sukar jika semuanya kembali kepada islam.mengapa perlu pening2 memikirkan idea2 yg bukan2?lihatlah,tak pasal2 cukai yg kita bayar pergi kepada mereka yg tak sedar betapa untungnya hidup sbgai muslim & rakyat malaysia.

oo yeah..jangan lupa si penzina lelaki juga!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kedai Susu @ Milk Shop

my husband is now a 'milk man'.he's selling a full cream growing up milk for children above 1 year old.this powdered milk is fortified with raisins and is manufactured under IMP (islamic manufacturing practice) which among others required all the workers to be in clean state (with ablution/wudhu) at the most time.all the staff in a factory is a muslim.

this business is started when we feel the need to provide alternative halal and good (halalan toyyibah) milk for our kids.since our kids love milk and the wonders of milk are too many to list (and even Rasulullah saw recommended milk as a good food) we think the milk in current market does not satisfy our pursue to give the best & 'halal'est (if there is any word like that) for our kids.

we strongly believe,what we consumed are what we are.and i see no reason not to try this milk.we called it HALIB'S which means milk in arabic.

and for breastfeeding and pregnant mom i highly recommended this goat milk product.i cant help but falling in love with its creamy texture.enjoy it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


anak sulung saya,nuha juga mneghidapi eczema di kakinya.dia pernah ditanya seseorang ttg ibu jari kakinya yg terkena infection kesan dr eczema tersebut semasa di klinik utk rawatan.jawabnya "dah Allah nk bagi.terima sajalah.kakak nk ambik ubat ni".saya lihat makcik yg menanya itu terkedu wajahnya.alhamdulillah.ajaran redha pd ketentuan dan usaha kami ajar padanya berkesan jua

dr ray langston

i followed CSI from the very first episode some 10 or more years back.before CSI vegas was lead by grissom.and now he quit and dr ray joined the team. dr ray is a professor in criminalology and he is also a medical doctor.

csi gives me fresh idea on how to sought something informational data from watching series on tv.and i never tired of it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


negaraku dilanda wabak zina.kondom percuma buat lelaki penzina.pil perancang percuma buat wanita berzina.dan tempat pembuangan khas utk bayi2 hasil zina.jika kita mengkaji kondisi efektif bagi pembiakan,ini adalah salah satu kondisi yg TERBAIK utk membentuk generasi zina di Malaysia.saya terbaca satu kajian,dalam tempoh 10 tahun,jika tidak dibendung gejala zina ini,hampir 60% bayi2 di Malaysia adalah hasil zina.dan lagi statistik masakini,kelahiran anak2 hasil zina ini adalah 1 setiap 17 minit.

semakin takut dgn dunia skarang ini.doaku pada ALLAH agar anak2 dan zuriat keturunanku diberkati hidup mereka,dilindungi dari dosa2,kejahatan syaitan,iblis,jin dan manusia berhati jahat.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


satu petang yg hening,kami berbual suami isteri dan termasukla topik poligami.kata suami,isu ini dah meleret2.yg tak mampu pon sibuk nk tambah cawangan.saya diam saja.dia sambung lagi,isteri solehah kena benarkan suami berpoligami.saya menyampuk,"saya ni tak berapa nak solehah."..terhambur ketawa dari mulut suami saya..sambil dia mengetuk (ala2 manja bukan niat menghentam ok) kepala saya dan seraya mulutnya berkata "hang ni..pandai auta"

cuba fikirkan: dalam sirah nabawiyah,khadijah r.a tidak pernah dimadukan.begitu juga dgn fatimah ra.mengapa?yg peliknya tadak plak org agama kaji dan diskas benda ni.yg dok nampak bab poligami baginda dan sahabat2.masalahnya,org2 awam ramai yg tak mampu berpoligami mengambil kesempatan di atas melatahnya org agama dalam isu ini utk tambah cawangan.akhirnya akhirat ntah ke mana dunia pon kemana.israel dah boleh buat hidung utk berkomunikasi.korea utara dah boleh main world cup.kita dok hasil anak2 tak kualiti?renungkanlah

Thursday, July 22, 2010

once before

i once frequenting a lactation forum.but i get bored and stopped visiting it or took part on it.reasons (this might get controversial later on..hehe):

  1. some issues were often commented based on EMOTION.
  2. some tips offered were too FOLKLORE-ish (ex:use bla bla.this what my grandma told.)
  3. sometimes went overboard.too detail and full of description on lactating problems (ex:my n*** became reddish, a bit short bla bla).and others' including men reading it for godsake!
  4. sometimes shifted into criticizing the spouse.
  5. sometimes too much attention to their own kids.(ok i got mine need to brag or make them as the cetre of attraction)
and i guess this among the reasons my husband said im not like any other woman.he said i am too logic and reasoning.and "kering dan masin seperti ikan masin*" * my attitude not physical feature what-so-ever.and thats answered why i love scientific research and teaching educational research..buhawahawa

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my letter to The Star

I sent this letter to the The Star.Hope they will publish it.This article is responding to the ignorant non-muslim who condemning and swearing to the Islamic clerics due to the ManU issues.

The essence of 1Malaysia is among other to respect others choice and faith.however,there are still bunch of ignorant non-muslims showed the ugly side of disrespectful towards Islam by swearing to the Mufti on the Facebook.

I just cant stand the ugly side of these bad attitudes.They are jeopardizing the spirit of harmonious Malaysian we used to have and I believe most of us still possessed it.The Mufti is among the respected figure in Islamic world so as the other clerics. This is considered hate crime on Islam.Sadly,these bunch of coward peoples are braving themselves on the net particularly on Facebook.

I respect the freedom of voicing out your opinion.However, done it in the wrong way and hurting your fellow Malaysian is truly unacceptable.This kind of Malaysian should learn on how to understand others or else they can choose to leave in others' place (or even others planet with no human beings). Being a human beings are all about tolerate and respect. And I believe all faith asked us to do the same.

Monday, June 21, 2010


i read a biography on Candy Jones (please google her).and one of the expert on psychology stated that people who are in stress and depressed for a long period of time, having a traumatic experience, victims of any kind of abuse are people that easily being hypnotize and put on trance.Even a snap of fingers will do.

no wonder,jin and bad spirit will choose people with weak hearts & emotions to be with. strengthen yourself with ibadah!!! pray 5 times , add with solah sunah and read quran with dzikr.Dua for ourselves.Hasbunallahu wa nikmal wakeel

fitnah sama cam membunuh.

bayangkan.anda anda seorang yg menghidapi foot and eczema dan sangat sensitif dengan segala jenis bahan2 yg mempunyai kimia (segala jenis cecair cucian).jika terkene walau sedikit akan naik biji2 air yg sgt gatal & jika digaru akan menyebabkan infection.dan jika anda cuba memakai latex gloves,tangan atau kulit anda itu akan membengkak.disebabkan alahan pada latex.

kerana itu,suami tersayang yang tolong bab2 membasuh pinggan mangkuk.jika balik kampung suami,dia jga membantu bab2 basuh kain baju sbb di rumah mertua mesin basuhnya kerap rosak.

jadi,perlukah digunakan sbb itu,utk anda menjaja fitnah yg suami aku itu dayus atas sebab membantu isteri membasuh pakaian termasuklah pakaian2 inner ni?dah takde keburukan lain,yg tu pon cukupla kan utk ko menabur fitnah satu kampung yg suami aku ni kene control sampai sanggup basuh segala mala pakaian istrinya?*pelik..kalo pompuan basuh baju laki tapa..sedangkan itu bukan kewajiban unless disuruh.

dan please,selama ni pun,aku tak pernah nk umpat hampa.bagi aku,jika salah dr segi agama aku cuba tegur.masalahnya yg menabur fitnah ni, aku jarang sekali bertegur sapa.orang satu kampung ja pon.apsal aku yg takda kena mengena pon hang nk kata nasi kankangkan laki aku?aku ni dibesarkan dgn cukup baik oleh mak pak aku dengan kepercayaan hanya ALLAH tujuan hidup.

aku rasa aku da sampai tahap maksima dah sabaq ni.kalau aku mula bercakap kat hampa,tahan hati sajalah nanti.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

bercakap dengan jin

suami aku pi balik kampung di Yan sementelah dia ada keje kat penang.biasalah.ank soleh.padahal mak mertua ku duk sini dgn aku.wakakaka..

nk dijadikan cerita,makcik suami aku ni dituruni roh puteri purbakala.suami aku yg ustaz ni pon terpinga2 dibuatnya.tak pasal2 makcik die ni berubah gaya,suara ala2 puteri bangsawan.dia pon ada nk tergelak la makciknya jual nasi lemak ja tiba2 bercakap,bergaya ala2 puteri.konon2nya bak kata org2 kampung,jin tu nk menurun makcik suamiku tu jadi bomoh.mcm2

makcik suami aku ni da lama sakit.depa kata org buat.dah sebulan dok atas tikar semayang dok zikir dan uzlah gitu.dan2 masa suami aku ni kebetulan pi rumah die,die menurun la plak.yg laki aku ni,die dok gatai mulut tanya kat roh tu.antaranya:

suamiku: macammana "nurul **** ***** (nama penuh aku)"
jin: diam sekejap..erm..orgnya putih,cantik,lemah skang dia kuat marah2.ada org dok perdengki dia.buat kelantan atau trengganu.isteri ini keras hatinya.sangat keras.

suami aku ckp masa die dgr lemah lembut rasa nk termuntah pun ada.suami aku siap kata bini aku ni kurang skit ja dari tentera jepun keras hati ni mmg.mak aku masa aku sekolah dulu pi tanya ustazah berubat islam.nk mnta la ayaq yassin.ustazah tu siap kata aku ni tersangat keras hati.aku pon rasa betul.aku mmg teguh dgn pendirian aku.dan..ehh jin ni kat aku cantik la beno..okla ..aku ni kira alhamdullillah idokle buruk beno ropenye.bak kata suami aku seblom kami kompem nk tunang

"asalkan tak muka ghurka jadila..alhamdulillah.." (ceh keji betoi..ada ka die ingat aku ada chance muka ghurka.

suami aku confuse skejap atas kejadian di atas.aku ni mmg tak percaya.sbb aku pgg kata2 kuliah aku dengar masa ust ismail kamus & penulisan dr haron din."elakkan bersahabat dgn jin.sebaik2 jin sejahat2 manusia"

maka aku memainkan peranan aku ala2 ustazah bahiyah gitu.aku guna pendekatan berhemah dpn mak mertua aku.aku jelaskan.aku pgg kata2 dua ustaz tersohor yg aku ckp tu.dan suami aku pon,bila aku dah perkuatkan gitu,dan2 die call kawan2 se alzharnya dulu yg skang dok mengubat org selepas belajar kat darussyifa.pendapat drang pon sama.benda begitu kene bawa berubat.mengarut jin dok perturun ilmu.

secara jujurnya..ini dah dua kali kes begini.seblom ni pon ada sorang kak ni.biasa ja pon die.aku pi ikut mertua aku ni la.tetiba..dia diam..melengung..dan2 keluar suara pakcik tua loghat kedah cakap dgn aku.terkejut mak enon aku.dia kata "cek ni ketegaq.ada resdung kuat"apa la..resdung aku plak yg dia cakapkan.aku siap pi tanya "pakcik org yaman ka?bunyi cam kedah ja"seriously aku pertikaikan sebab ya la..kata jin tu pak syeikh yaman..apa kahainya cakap kedah?musykil aku.tapi mak mertua aku cpt2 tepuk paha aku.die bg isyarat jgn.aku pon diam la

balik tu laki aku cakap kat aku.jgn main sukati ja.bukan apa.takut kita riak.allah benarkan nk jadi,dia masuk kat hang.satu hal.hehe

ntahla.inilah masalah yg buat aku terkeluar status "it is hard to have parents-in-law who believe on blackmagic and spirit just being polite but at the end i felt like a dumb ass" yg respond pon kawan aku mat salleh canada.die pon pandai..kata islam melarang benda2 begini.tapi die kata aku bukan dumbass sbb eventually aku akan mng kerana ke'polite'an aku tu..yeah..sangat benar!!!

tangani kemengarutan dunia dgn iman & ilmu


my mom in law verified that my baby daughter is too attached to me to the extent that i mostly cant do anything.Dr. S dont blame for for late submission.blame my baby,Nafeesah..hehe

just imagine if there are no computer.HOW ON EARTH IM GOING TO PROCESS THE STATS DATA?and that will take me about 10 years to complete it.and by the graduation another 5 children will added to our family. hehe

Friday, June 18, 2010


and suddenly this is my favourite fruit !!! hail the capsicum !!
i made an omelette with loads of onion + capsicum + tomatoes +spring onion !!
wrapped in a bread and washed it down with a coffee + goats milk.
THATS HAVEN!!(for those who have to stay up)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i hate it when it comes to do some flow chart,sequential charts or anything else related with graphic on Words.i have the above flowchart in 7 pages and i used the font with sizes 9.and when i checked the requirement for thesis writing with my friend,Magdalina she told me it is supposed to be the same font and size with the thesis content writing.ARGH!!!!!!

just i have to update this !!!!!argh!!! and argghh!!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

coach vs abaya

i like the amanda collection but in a black color.i cant found i just put this pic as illustration

a year ago,i was thinking of buying coach.and yes it was thousands of RM.and my husband said this "bayangkan berapa banyak abaya awak boleh beli dengan duit banyak tu"*
and thanks husband for that superb idea.and i cant stop shopping for abaya now..hehehe

*"imagine how many abayas you can buy with that same amount!"

Monday, June 14, 2010

hijab issues

this is nice.altho my lil bro commented it is a bit tight but i wear it loosely because i dont buy a bikini here.abaya should be loose right

hot issue on abaya & an abaya wearer, i hve just made it as my status few days back."abaya wearing has been taken for granted".and suddenly boomed the issue is raised and suddenly all of this people of the earth are talking about it.why so sudden?erm..noope sure.

if u asked me,ill say im ok with any kind of jilbab or it chiffon,colourful,flowey or whatsoever.given that : THE DEFINITION of AURAT is not compromised.
checked this:

  • lower your hijab so you will cover your bosoms
  • tabaruj (refer to the uruf) is to be avoided.

people argued on the chiffon kaftan.i guess in lies on the softness & flowy material of it that accentuated the beautiful body of the woman.again , if you are going to wear it,
  • buy a loose one.
  • wear something underneath so that we wont see your legs and in between.
  • and if you wear it with hijab that covers you assets that will probably erased all the possibilities of being stared by wild men.

  • and if you wear abaya,again please wear something traumatized to see a pattern of your undies under your abaya.for god sake,sis!!!ive been through this and sumpah!! i takmo kene lagi.
  • i saw some pics,sis with niqab with black abaya and so on but the way she posed,indicating see,how the definition of tabaruj is so vague.
  • and please.wear your hijab nicely.lower it to your are eager on this.the more you try to cover,actually the more they want to see.what i see is,most women lower it at the back but showing all the sizes of their boobs.whats the purpose of covering your back?is there any sensual things there?
  • and i read somewhere in a blog.they like to put some pin in a neck so that will show the long neck.what the heck?as a woman with everything short (read:height,neck,legs) am opposing this!why to show off?if you want to show off,why on the first place you wear hijab?
  • and also the humps ma humps ma humps (tuned to the fergies' BEP) on your head.thats one thing?whats with the artificial?if the hump is made of your long hair ,i see it as acceptable.if not the long hair will make an entrance to the outside world,right?
  • and if youve already perfectly covered your aurat,now let's cover your attitude.

thats all..i dont think im a mufti or whatsoever.and i know my opinion might be different from yours but hey i bet it is in terms of syariah.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

happy belated birthday.Nusaibah

we just came back from vacation.explained why this is a belated 2nd daughter born 7th june 2007 in cairo,egypt.she was named Nusaibah after a great sahabiah of rasulullah.

nusaibah in her first day of life.

bubbly 3 years old girl

Friday, June 4, 2010

hallu..baba feen?

my kids enjoy this song!me too

this i promise you!

my fav song during varsity period!!enjoy!! JC is so much mature than bieber.whats wrong with girl nowadays?lol!!!OMG!!JC is sooo sooo sooo charming

Thursday, June 3, 2010


a picture is worth thousands of words (good to use when you are damn too lazy to write)

my favourite : aish (lebanese bread) with omelette (the hadramawt style) and iced lemon to wash it down!! laziss awi awi!! can u spot a bowl of clear soup at the background?yes thats a yemeni style lamb soup which is cookes with less spices compared to indian style.
and please dont take it with ginger tea or else you will explode! (a really good lesson for my husband). i guess the yemeni cook put 'secret potion' so that i will perpetually dreaming of this tasty omelette,bread & masywi!!ill go there tomorrow!!!!!!yummm

thats me & my daughter,nusaibah before the feast begins!!the white drink was the iced lemon & the choc is iced milo

my husband & our other 2 kids.before he wolfed down a lamb soup with ruz & masywi

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

suka makan kambing

dah 2 hari berturut2 suami aku membaham kambing dalam pelbagai rupa masakan. semalam dia makan sup kambing kat Saba' kedai arab tu.hari ni dia makan sup kambing kedai mamak plak.siap dgn teh halia lagi.walhasilnya : perut die ada angin taufan tornado puting beliung juga.duduk tak senang.disuruhnya aku urut.aku plak sapukan pati halia faveret aku tu kat die..haa baru lepas bebas angin tu.lepas tu pening kepala la,pedih ulu hati la.tak pasal2 aku dah urut dia aku plak yg angin perut lepas tu.apala.tu la cakap istri takmo dengar.mungkin esok lusa abang boleh mengembek plak.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

kisah cendawan

sedang aku memasak,tiba2 dari tingkap dapurku nampak benda2 putih di halaman belakang rumahku.aikk?sejak bila plak fungus bernama cendawan ni membiak plak.itulah padahnya jarang keluar ke belakang.tak kuasa aku dengan ramai pak2 indon tengah renovate rumah jiran sebelah nih.biarkan aja.aku pon tatau kunci mana satu.haha.

aku pon cube membuat lawak bodo dgn suami aku.aku tanya dia "abang nk makan cendawan tak?" dia jawab "eh?cendawan.bila masa plak abang beli."haah..jerat mengena."mai la sini sat..tengok ."sambil aku menuding jari pada cendawan tak bersalah tu.suamiku menjawab "itu kalau makan berbuih2 mulut."sambil die kembali tengok tv yg ntah apa2 citernya die melaung "nantila abang racun balik!"

hehe..seni seorang istri..harith hamzah kene suh bakal zaujah blaja ok

Friday, May 28, 2010


tetiba husband aku cakap teringin nk aku buat cheese cake & cookies macam kat mesir.aku dgn selambanya jawab.."nak bakar kat mana?unggun api ke bang" sabar je la. ada harapan ke nk belikan aku oven?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

keen on animals

This is my second daughter , Nusaibah. She was born in Cairo,Egypt. And she proud of it and claimed she is an Arab.hehe.

The day before yesterday, she said she wanted to be a frog.Yesterday she wanted to be a bird.And today she said she wanted to be an elephant.And she loves watching Animal Planets and Animal Mechanicals on Playhouse Disney.

Yeah.Kids like that.Love animals.Veterinar or zoologist would be nice job for her then.Ummi prays for you,girl!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


melinda gordon said to her partner "no matter how big our wedding reception , the only matter is you and me."

school holiday is around the malaysia,people will choose this holiday to be married and held their wedding reception (walima).

regarding the marriage , in Islam the best woman is the one with the reasonable affordable amount of mahar and produces loads of children. but in a current situation , we witnessed the walima which is for me in a very large scale and outrageous.ok , people might say , it is once in a life time.but , hey ! is that necessary to splurge a big amount on it instead of keeping that excessive head banging spent money into your account for your new life after marriage?

and wedding is getting too much commercialized and somehow being used as a way to show off. dont you see , most of the weddings now have this rented luxurious car (ie mercedes, bmw) to fetch this married couples to their walima's venues.ok , lets us use our neuron on this incredible brain to justify this.if you are working with average income below rm1000 (approx USD 300+) and your partner is in the same level , WTheck you think when you decide to ride a MERCEDES during your walima?To show off?Listen to me dear,better save it for your future and dont started making any instalment!

And this so-called wang blanja kahwin, it is a bit different from mahr.this is your gift of money to your future wife and popular in malaysian culture.again WTheck you charged your future son-in-law RM10,000 for your just SPM holder working as a general worker in government agency.*dush*ding*dush ( punching my bean loathing.)Did you know that he is just a N27 staff in government agency and doing that you are burdening your daughter's life.

And the wedding feast.Why must nasi minyak/briyani and all those heart attack-on-the bay menu?why dont settle on the more healthy and yet affordable menu.Try roti telur or sardin or plain rice with roasted chicken & laods of vege?and plain dont need to borrow from others to marry your child.

Again,the wedding dresses.As i stated on my Facebook.It is okay to wear cheap items as long as it doesnt look cheap.Applied it here!Wear matched dresses & apply the suitable make-up. And again,Prada shoes,Givenchy make-up doesnt make sense to you if it doesnt matched with yourself.Be creative.And again!!please no replica of these famous name.Carlo Rino or Bonia is just good as the previous stated!

Last but nor least,respect your guests.Not all your guests loves to hear the voices that enables to crack their ear & whack their head (that including me!).Dont blaring any song session on the loud speaker.Just make it private among yourself & family.If i want to listen any song,Ill just stick to Rihanna,Beyonce & Mariah carey (what?hahaha)

And keep humming the sound of poverty ? this is what we called plain stupid , arrogant & never learnt a lesson people.get up!practice the real teachings of Islam.*duh


im a bit in the middle of interpreting my data.yes.i need others' findings to support and discuss my own findings.somehow,i lost good words & i didnt know what should i write.the best thing is : watching NCIS:LA..hehehe..TV time!!


i made nasi lemak a fried talapia.however, i fall asleep after watching criminal minds.means that i didnt stored all the foods left, in a fridge.and my husband didnt help me doing that either.and today : hunger strike (no cook).shared responsibility must be learned and im not a maid either.lets taking care of our home together.

nasi lemak (rice in coconut milk with anchovies in sambal,boiled eggs,roasted peanut & cucumber)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

food for my tum?

having supper @ kunang-kunang.the supposed 'candle lite dinner' in the midst of lush jungly(?am there any word like this) garden, the garden cafe is cool place to hang out.but the rain came so heavily & i cant stand the wet & coldness plus i ordered ice-blended before.ouch...back at home..flu was waving..argh!! lets see what we had there.

they called it tiramisu ice blended.the only thing i drink when i came here.

plain rice with chicken in green thai curry which is similar taste to rendang uwan nogori prepared by my grandma.

if u ask me what i ate ..the answer i ate breadcrumb on

and did some grocery shopping @ pasaraya grand union (what?katne tu?)well,somewhere in industrial area in seri kembangan.i bet UPM students or staffs knew this place.the price is so much cheaper and my husband discovered this gem:

OMG!!this is granola bar in forms of cereal and it is much more cheaper and value for your money.i love mornflake products but i couldnt find it @ carrefour.wondering how it can be ended up in this neighbourhood mart.i didnt eat this with milk.i took it as a snack.and it is so delicious.i love the oaty...hahaha..ok stop..u r exaggerating it nour..time to interprete your data back!!unless your SV will call you..taaa