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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my letter to The Star

I sent this letter to the The Star.Hope they will publish it.This article is responding to the ignorant non-muslim who condemning and swearing to the Islamic clerics due to the ManU issues.

The essence of 1Malaysia is among other to respect others choice and faith.however,there are still bunch of ignorant non-muslims showed the ugly side of disrespectful towards Islam by swearing to the Mufti on the Facebook.

I just cant stand the ugly side of these bad attitudes.They are jeopardizing the spirit of harmonious Malaysian we used to have and I believe most of us still possessed it.The Mufti is among the respected figure in Islamic world so as the other clerics. This is considered hate crime on Islam.Sadly,these bunch of coward peoples are braving themselves on the net particularly on Facebook.

I respect the freedom of voicing out your opinion.However, done it in the wrong way and hurting your fellow Malaysian is truly unacceptable.This kind of Malaysian should learn on how to understand others or else they can choose to leave in others' place (or even others planet with no human beings). Being a human beings are all about tolerate and respect. And I believe all faith asked us to do the same.


Cik Tima said...

eh? yg diorg kutuk tuh kt nst kn?

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