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Thursday, July 22, 2010

once before

i once frequenting a lactation forum.but i get bored and stopped visiting it or took part on it.reasons (this might get controversial later on..hehe):

  1. some issues were often commented based on EMOTION.
  2. some tips offered were too FOLKLORE-ish (ex:use bla bla.this what my grandma told.)
  3. sometimes went overboard.too detail and full of description on lactating problems (ex:my n*** became reddish, a bit short bla bla).and others' including men reading it for godsake!
  4. sometimes shifted into criticizing the spouse.
  5. sometimes too much attention to their own kids.(ok i got mine need to brag or make them as the cetre of attraction)
and i guess this among the reasons my husband said im not like any other woman.he said i am too logic and reasoning.and "kering dan masin seperti ikan masin*" * my attitude not physical feature what-so-ever.and thats answered why i love scientific research and teaching educational research..buhawahawa


Wawa said...

i share the same sentiments too. that's why i stopped visiting. anyway, just because we stopped visiting the forum, we should stop encouraging other mothers right?

there's a whole lot of ways to help and to contribute.

you know, i know, we all know.


nur.najib said... all for bf.

its up to for me , icannot go..hehehe..some comments sometimes off from islamic principles.

nur.najib said...

and yes..i do my part by telling the goodness of bf to others.

Farra said... pernahkah akak bother? ekkeke

nur.najib said...

hehhe..saya ni slagi x langgaq batas islam ok ja.kalo da over.kita tegoq da buat ketegaq..malas nk layan da