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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Belated Birhday, Nafeesah

17 Oktober 2009 , my 3rd child, was born at 0022 in hospital sungai buloh.we named her Nafeesah Aqeelah , in honor to sayyidah Nafeesah, grandchildren of Rasulullah saw and Aqeelah means person with brain.
during my pregnancy, i never gave up.i lost my laptops & my academic certs (with all the participation cert during conferences,smeinar etc) when she was 7 months on my utero. i lost all my theses. i didnt have the latest back up . am losing my journals. and ALLAH knew how suffered i am. i cant help myself to dua, the thief will losing his hands & feet for that. just few days before she was born, i went to school, completed my observation,interviews & intervention sessions. and a day before my blood transfusion i still in the school to collect my data. i was so determined.

thats hour after her birth with over-jovial walid who missed to witness her birth

thats nafeesah now.after a year!
(yes.succsesful person was groomed in this way.put the expectation and csay it to your kids)


sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

happy birthday nefeesah,insha allah Dr. Nafeesah al hafizah, ameen
and me DR Sayyidah nafisah( insha allah w biiznillah)

nur.najib said...

syukran auntie sayyidah

Farra said...

happy birthday dr nafeesah :)