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Friday, December 3, 2010

trivial & substantial

ok.let me myself clear.the following rant is not intended to hurt is general is my little knowledge ALLAH gave me through my humble learning from ustaz2 & ustazah.WARNING: if you are sensitive dont read.i use the humour approach on this that you wont be burden reading it.happy reading!!

i give you two condition.
  1. on women's bloody issue (no pun intended!)-all that menses (haidh), postpartum bleeding (nifas) and wiladah.
  2. what colors my stockin *(OMK! i didnt remember how to spell it in english) should be?

let we slowly delve into this matter by answering these questions:
1) which one is more important?
2) which one is involving major impact and judgment in Islam?

if your answer is 1 = excellent! you know what matter most
but if you answer 2 = ok. dont you have any other important thing to do *or at least to ask? or to think?

proceed with analysing
no 1 = woman menstrual cycles and nifas and wiladah are among important things that we should make ourselves very clear and understand it deeply.the reason: it is correlated with the whole of your life.

you might ask? how is it so?i have regular menses every months.
i will said,it is important to know too.because youll never know when your auntie menses will going crazy and cycling all through the month.

haidh,nifas and wiladah are too much related to our ibadah. when you want to perform solah, you must be clean from haidh,nifas & wiladah.the same goes to fasting,hajj & umrah.if your auntie M suddenly going mad and cycling non-stop..wait!! dont easily said it is istihadhah.

besides calculating the cycle, you have to see the colors of your bleeding. if you are really sure it is not haidh you must perform solah and jeng jeng jeng ...proceed to the next level ------>

and also sexual intercourse with your husband.if you are having istihadhah, your husband has right and not haram for having sex with you.and this blood issue extends to divorce & iddah.talaq is done if you havent have any jimak with your wife and she has her menses (the reason: so that she will not be preggy after you divorce her and prolonged the iddah).iddah,on the other hands, 3 times of suci from haidh.

ok is your perception about your menses.complicated isnt it?it DOES surely involved those haram,halal issues right?

analysing no 2
what colors my stockin *(socks) should be?

first of all.socks issue is khilaf.imam hanafi said it is no harm of exposing your feet.ok we going deeper.

other imam said feet should be doesnt matter using can be by lowering your clothes so that your feet is hiding or wear islam,this is what we call the flexibility.but since we are in malaysia, mostly followed mazhab syafiee, we are required to cover the feet.but why asking colors? honestly, i havent think about it.when my mental awareness digesting the info from those series of kuliyyah,i know the clothes should not be tight and i wear a thick sock which is of course didnt show my skin fact i wear it in a beige *which is considered as skin colours in clothes term.

and my q: does it involves major hukum here?
the answer is up to is can choose it.i cant stop you from choosing your choice.and so do mine.

do you know that, bani israel is a follower who burden with heavy syariat?why?because they keep asking trivial things and burdening themselves unnecessarily when there is an easy way stated by surah al will know how their attitude is.

as for me : ISLAM is is a very easy doesnt burden the followers.and why must we wasting ourselves thinking and discussing something trivial whereas lot of major things we have to think and do?divert those energy by preaching and reaching 75% malaysian muslim who dont perform solah rather than indulging on the khilafiyah issues.learn some awlawiyyah.together,we create biah solehah!

wallahualam.may ALLAH pardon me for all my wrongdoings.

notes: this is not an is my approach on telling my dearest sis & bro which one is more important

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