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Friday, August 6, 2010

Kedai Susu @ Milk Shop

my husband is now a 'milk man'.he's selling a full cream growing up milk for children above 1 year old.this powdered milk is fortified with raisins and is manufactured under IMP (islamic manufacturing practice) which among others required all the workers to be in clean state (with ablution/wudhu) at the most time.all the staff in a factory is a muslim.

this business is started when we feel the need to provide alternative halal and good (halalan toyyibah) milk for our kids.since our kids love milk and the wonders of milk are too many to list (and even Rasulullah saw recommended milk as a good food) we think the milk in current market does not satisfy our pursue to give the best & 'halal'est (if there is any word like that) for our kids.

we strongly believe,what we consumed are what we are.and i see no reason not to try this milk.we called it HALIB'S which means milk in arabic.

and for breastfeeding and pregnant mom i highly recommended this goat milk product.i cant help but falling in love with its creamy texture.enjoy it!

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madoct10 said...

Menarik..Halib ni jual kat mana?order kat nour ke?