this is my 3rd sequel from the mental lexicon saga ( too old to heart cullen).the mental lexicon I was abandoned because of the slow server.the mental lexicon II is-now-defunct simply because i lost the password and can't login.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


when you proposed your topic to your potential SV, you are actually proposing the end of the leisureness in your life. Doing a research required loads of blood,sweat and toil (and money).you can do your postgrad in coursework, but nothing beats the 'hip' of doing it with research.It teaches you how to discipline yourself and at the same time carefully guided your self-motivation so that you will keep rise following the setbacks. It is truly for those who experiences it.Nobody will help you unless you help yourself.We not only have to attend classes at night (for those who doing mixed mode like me),completing assignment but the primordial task that would not stop pestering you is COMPLETING YOUR THESIS.It is all about progress.If there isn't any, your thesis is getting nowhere and infinite years needed it to be completed. know are strong enough to sail in a rough sea.go go pirate ahoy!!!

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