this is my 3rd sequel from the mental lexicon saga ( too old to heart cullen).the mental lexicon I was abandoned because of the slow server.the mental lexicon II is-now-defunct simply because i lost the password and can't login.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


my mom in law verified that my baby daughter is too attached to me to the extent that i mostly cant do anything.Dr. S dont blame for for late submission.blame my baby,Nafeesah..hehe

just imagine if there are no computer.HOW ON EARTH IM GOING TO PROCESS THE STATS DATA?and that will take me about 10 years to complete it.and by the graduation another 5 children will added to our family. hehe


DiLa said...

kakNour> its my bb, Dr..sob..sob..
BB Nafeesah> mummy ni nak kena dah...grrrRRR...
Dr> BB, sila tulis surat tunjuk sebab n submit ASAP!
BB> sumpah Dr jadik pronce of Frog..><

nur.najib said...

hahahhaha....mintak extend deadline submission!!kkekekeek