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Monday, June 14, 2010

hijab issues

this is nice.altho my lil bro commented it is a bit tight but i wear it loosely because i dont buy a bikini here.abaya should be loose right

hot issue on abaya & an abaya wearer, i hve just made it as my status few days back."abaya wearing has been taken for granted".and suddenly boomed the issue is raised and suddenly all of this people of the earth are talking about it.why so sudden?erm..noope sure.

if u asked me,ill say im ok with any kind of jilbab or it chiffon,colourful,flowey or whatsoever.given that : THE DEFINITION of AURAT is not compromised.
checked this:

  • lower your hijab so you will cover your bosoms
  • tabaruj (refer to the uruf) is to be avoided.

people argued on the chiffon kaftan.i guess in lies on the softness & flowy material of it that accentuated the beautiful body of the woman.again , if you are going to wear it,
  • buy a loose one.
  • wear something underneath so that we wont see your legs and in between.
  • and if you wear it with hijab that covers you assets that will probably erased all the possibilities of being stared by wild men.

  • and if you wear abaya,again please wear something traumatized to see a pattern of your undies under your abaya.for god sake,sis!!!ive been through this and sumpah!! i takmo kene lagi.
  • i saw some pics,sis with niqab with black abaya and so on but the way she posed,indicating see,how the definition of tabaruj is so vague.
  • and please.wear your hijab nicely.lower it to your are eager on this.the more you try to cover,actually the more they want to see.what i see is,most women lower it at the back but showing all the sizes of their boobs.whats the purpose of covering your back?is there any sensual things there?
  • and i read somewhere in a blog.they like to put some pin in a neck so that will show the long neck.what the heck?as a woman with everything short (read:height,neck,legs) am opposing this!why to show off?if you want to show off,why on the first place you wear hijab?
  • and also the humps ma humps ma humps (tuned to the fergies' BEP) on your head.thats one thing?whats with the artificial?if the hump is made of your long hair ,i see it as acceptable.if not the long hair will make an entrance to the outside world,right?
  • and if youve already perfectly covered your aurat,now let's cover your attitude.

thats all..i dont think im a mufti or whatsoever.and i know my opinion might be different from yours but hey i bet it is in terms of syariah.

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