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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

obesity : queen sized

im watching queen sized.a drama on big teenage girl winning her homecoming queen title.i really love this kind of story where people defied any challenges and win the battle of self-esteem.

id went through a childhood with big girl stamped on my forehead.with the harsh and rude kids who made remarks on big people, it just collapsing more and more the self esteem on me. parent should teach their child to have better manner and dont simply call big people with names.i might say i want to slap them on face.and now, most of them are having reversing process with me.(this is karma,peeps!kidding)

and im not sure whether im on diet or depressed or whatsoever whatcamacallit, i lost my appetite and resulting me lost loads of kilos. i entered new school year (standard 4) as a skinny girl.

what am trying say here is, the epidemic of obesity and how people perceived it. first, obesity is increasing and often it comes with negative effects.most people know, to prevent obesity, healthy lifestyle is needed.second, the negative connotation and rude remarks by skinny society on this people.this is among the factor that contributed to the depression and continuing indulging on obesity lifestyle.

let me put this way.often,family of obese child, will shower them with loads of unhealthy food. some even going further by encouraging glued-to-the-magic box attitudes.some parents extend their wildness of being being too protective, ironically by being sympathetic.this big girl DID NOT need sympathy.dont look at them as fat girl.look at them as your child who deserve your help on having healthier body and a parent, your role and power on shaping your child is high.why dont you use it?

for obese people to shed all those excess baggages, the most important thing is support from the loved ones.if your obese persona trying to lose weight,give him/her support. encourage them to have healthy life and balanced meals.prevent y ourself from inviting them joining mamak at 12 midnite. encourage her to exercise.thats the right way to do so.

obesity is an epidemic and helps your child to go out from it.

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