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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Steamed Cheese-Layered Choc Brownies

Steamed Cheese-Layered Choc Brownies
*500 g premix brownies flour
*4 eggs
*75ml cooking oil
*200ml water
*5g baking powder
*5g soda bicarbonate

Cream cheese filling
250g cream cheese
60 g castor sugar
1 egg
25 ml water

1.Add all ingredients marked * and beat onmixer with medium speed for 3 mins.
2.for cream cheese filling : add all the ingredient except egg.beat until fluffy.add the egg and beat for a while. to make a layer: pour half of the brownies mixture and steam for 15 mins
4.then,pour the cream cheese filing and steam for 15 mins
5.lastly, pour the left brownies mixture.steam for 30-40 mins. can pipe some choc ganache and topping is up to your creativity


Farra said...

pandainya snap pic! nak tiru gak aa

tinta said...

boleh try rasanya ni..

nur.najib said...

kak farrah: saya guna camera hp je kak
kak malina: try la.

letak kat blog.kot2 data hilang kat FB.kalau hardcopy hilang at least bly refer blog