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Friday, January 14, 2011


suddenly i remembered my chit-chat time with my ex-boss,almarhum prof dr muhammad al mahdi. he was a white american revert who fall in love with Malaysia but speak Indonesian.*lol. he passed away almost 6 years ago.

he was surely a brainy man.with long list of academic and working experiences with america army & NASA, he of course possessed clearly good brain. he told us, 3 of us (his staff); kak rahimah,kak syahida and kak sofia, pentagon has technology beyond 50 years.just imagine that! 50 years! whatever we muslim country have?

if we remembered how Rasulullah asked us to seek jannah as if we'll die tomorrow and seek dunya as if we will life forever, we should know that, achieving the greatest must be made as our focal point.a good muslim who actually deeply understand the Islam and syarie will prohibit himself from mushy quashy sort of things and focus the energy on improving ourselves.

islam does not asking you to left all the dunya for akhirah.the best is always the moderate stand.khayr inshallah


Intan S. Zulkafli said...

lovely entry.. balance is always the key to success =^.^=

nur.najib said...

yes intan