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Saturday, December 4, 2010

bun in an oven?

im waiting for my viva.and i received positive feedback from Prof. L in the Netherlands on being my future SV for my doctoral.and i am thinking of applying permanent with U*M

and my husband has been offered by Kedah government to set up a marketing centre for IKS products.means that it is easier to stay in northern area.My husband asked me to apply permanent job in U*M and doing my doctoral there. But he asked me to wait and rest for at least half years before proceeding my study. AND he hinted for the 4th child.actually he said this for 4 times.

deep inside,yes it sadden me.i have my own dream.and it is actually 15% completed to be reality.and we are still negotiating on this.

ALLAH,please guide me.


Ummu Auni said...

buatlah solat istikharah...duha kalau nak bagi mudah. selalunya kalau Allah lorongkan jalan ija mudah sahaja tanpa cabaran, mungkin itu yang terbaik. akak rasa macam ni lah, ija dgn suami berdoa mana yang terbaik. yang mana dapat dulu dan mudah aturannya, mungkin itu yang terbaik.

nur.najib said...

but i dont think i want to stay in northern close will make me feel sick of sick ppl

madoct10 said...

ehehe.. no4? Same like me la, every month suspense je kot2 aunty menses tak jadi mai...
Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya..

nur.najib said...

not yet sue.not yet..hehe