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Friday, December 17, 2010

mom & career

work with passion.thats the key.if you are a career mom, enjoice it.bear in mind, you are working to gain His pleasure by helping your family economy and society. if you think that way, ALLAH, the most merciful & compassionate will give the best for you in return. dont feel upset for not having enough time with your kids. instead, grab the most time you with quality is really a quality not quantity that the kids treasured.

if not,you felt grumpy on the less-time spent on your kids, take bold action.quit and find something you enjoy doing a SOHO mom or full-time homemaker. by doing that, your niah of working because of Him are not betrayed. think about thousand of people who really badly needs your job.if you loss passion on it,leave it and stop whining.

there is choice in our life.sometimes, we cant have it all perfect.we need to balance.feel guilty wont help either.taking bold action that truly satisfy your innerself is the only solution.otherwise it just covering the surface of the issues.


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