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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

happy dakwah ii : dakwah thru music

i saw new combustion of songs with good message in current situation.credited to my husband who sometimes tuning to Hot fm to cease all the sleepy-ness caused by boring discussion on

i didnt take a hard or syadid stand when it comes to entertainment although me myself are not a keen music listener (except for samy yusuf.he is god-sent to us!!*alamak terikut gaya wan azizah plak da)
i believe in self-control and wasatiyyah is indeed important when handling mubah cases.

several new songs like kekanda adinda by monoloque & atilia , is for me a very good song with very good message for facing the increasing of divorces among Malaysian. the song beautifully potrayed dilemma of a wife in choosing a career or starting a family. well,of course, argument is mostly there in any marriage.and the solution stated on the song among others : mari kita komunikasi. (let us communicate)

then, the song by suhaimi meor hassan & anna not sure the title but the lyrics advised the unmarried couple to avoid being overboard. : jangan pegang2 jalan renggang2 (dont touch each other , walk apart)
again, during the wave of baby dumping season, this song at least tickling the sense of coupling people who listen to this kind of music.

and the maher zain's craze is indeed one very good way introducing nasyeed to youngsters who shying themselves to this kind of genre.they started to sang the dzikr and dua which for me something that we should be happy to see it.imagine this : youngster who never knew arabic words and rarely in touch with islam, suddenly utter the Barakallahu lakuma wa barakah..subhanallah, i hope they will find the meaning and ALLAH gives hidayah to them.

again...dakwah is indeed has vast method and approach.think of our mad'u (the people we want to dakwah) and we should try our best to actually tackling them.if music can do it, let it be.make the music more meaningful and full of naseehah (advice) and let them infuse with good word such as dzikr,dua from the song.
me, myself re-treasured the beautiful of islam thru music too! i'tiraf by raihan.masyaAllah, i turned to a new leaf, from people who sometimes neglecting islam to fully commit to it.

dont just talk.walk the talk.

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