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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

open up

i cant stand people who blasting all things from west are bad and came with hidden agenda. there are some bloc of people who abstain themselves from having vaccination and avoiding any kind of family planning based on "that's Jews agenda". OMG!(reminder: this pillow talks applicable for married couples.i didnt condone any illegal sexual intercourse among muslim (read:ZINA) in facts i hate that so much)

did you know that, medical advancement is a gift from God? it is really up to us to think which is good and which is our country, the rate of maternal & infant fatality are dropped and among the lowest in the region.why? because of the quality offered by the health service in our country; in which includes proper ante-natal care and post natal care.we have vaccination fro examples Rubella,HPV,UTT; which is helps on diminishing the risk of fatality during pregnancy. these vaccine also helped by promising better health and preventing any worst case.

what i cant stand is,when people kept condemning, this is all the agenda from jews to ruin the muslims.i see this ante-natal care is a good way of taking yourself during prevents you from having any complication later on.

and talking about married woman, contraception is a hit among us. if you want many kids go ahead.dont blame people who use contraception. there is no wrong for married couples to plan their family. see what happened now? we are good in quantity but somehow it doesnt translate into quality. even in Islam, breastfeeding is encouraged until 2 years old because it is good way of family planning (i think that is why ALLAH stated 2 years, so that you can continue bear a child later on.2 years are ideal for next baby, i guess.again,this is what the muslim scientist should study.there is always an idea on what ALLAH said).
even among the sahabah of prophet Muhammad saw, practiced azal (ejaculated outside the vagina) to prevent pregnancies.

i didnt know what to say.sometimes we need to open up a lil have internet, use it to find info.

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