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Saturday, December 25, 2010


i might say, i have good quality in fashion department. although im having a 'zuhd' life nowadays (hehe) but seriously, it doesnt kill my fashion fact im made a good fashion police.people can judge me.

but am not putting my focus on fashion.i just wear abaya & shayl.i said JUST.not for any other reason.i wear it for it modesty & comfort.i prefer a toned down design & fact,the minimal it is the more i like it.
the era of fashionista on me had faded (lol!!budget artis hollywood?)

so now, i became bored to visit fashion-based sites.furthermore yg ada abaya-based.kalau jual xpa set yg fashion2.kalau nk berlebih2 sgt,sy takkan berabaya.saya pakai je kaftan.maybe kita patut dengar balik perkataan TABARRUJ la kot.

yeah.back to normal life: game..kehkehkeh

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