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Monday, December 13, 2010


i often involved on heated discussion. be it on the real life or the virtual one. it is not that i am a person who likes to argue. it is more to "i am a person who loves to voice my controversial and critical opinions".*dang.but again, i speak the not going to argue something which is not based on the scientific findings or the documented just wasted my time to be indulged on some hearsay * i sound like a lawyer?

malaysia is a place where we breed timid people who often hiding their views and opinions. we are society that shaped up by 'keep quiet' is the best. however, this situation is true to the extend of the real world. but in virtual life, we can be that nasty and whatchamacalit?*coward.well,it is not a weird Malay society, the rising usage of black magic or sihr is one of the best evidence on how coward Malay is.we tend to have sweet talk, polite attitude in front but the bad,evil and yucky heart inside.then we sorted to the black magic to fail our hated people's life.

ok.back to the real issues on being might saying that,i am indeed a person who a bit stubborn and as long as people can provide an evidence on what am saying is rubbish, ill fight for it until the just my nature that, am not easily give up.often, i view some issues 1000 years ahead * exaggerating at this point.i always look some issue from many perspectives. from my personal psycho-profile, i am blessed with high empathy; in which explaining on why i always put my self on other's heels*kiddink.suppose shoes.

but,am not malaysia,politician or people who joined the politic wagon,no matter how many doctoral dissertation they have, they tended to slip their mind and suddenly became a monkey.*thanks my ex-schoolmate,arif atan on this idea.they cant stand the heated arguments with rational and clear conscience.resulting on bad-mouthing which actually make a fool of themselves.and at the same time, this kind of people is dreaming of leading the country?my saying is : pah (which is a gesture indicating no in deaf)
you can lead a country.planet of the apes, might suit you.

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