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Saturday, January 1, 2011

FB & Life


  1. not all the people do what they stated on the status.
  2. islam should be practiced in your life in all aspect not just practice it on FB.
  3. people always think they are right eventhough they are wrong.
  4. people are always absence of empathy. they judged condition based on what they are up to.not the person on it.
  5. some people are so narrow minded and overboard when it comes to practicing Islam. (kamonn!!nothing wrong of women working!!!).
  6. you might be close virtually but not necessarily in real life.

conclusion is : beware.FB will kills your reality social skills as the radio kills the superstar!! haha *kidding!!


Ummu Auni said...

i agree with you! people can be judgemental

nur.najib said...

kak sick of these kind of ppl.put urself on the shoes.korang hidop smooth takpala.ada ke patut sesuki hati nk kata2 org tak solehah la.for me..GTH..hehehe..i can be that nasty at one point.