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Monday, January 3, 2011


OMG (tune it to BEP's) !! the internet is too slow.Based on the research statistics of 1 person died in every 4 minutes due to cancer, the loading of my CSI Crime City FB games will take life of 30 persons. i supposed to continue my paper writing.After 2 pieces of toast with nutella spreading on them and a cup of hot coffee safely going through my esophagus and ready to be digested, i,yet to start any writing (instead blogging? dush*dush*).

im busying myself with these line chart in which i think look not so good.after consulting my dearest ex-colleague,firebrand miss kiti loh, she told me, for nice chart , excel is better choice.again OMG! i need to master this product of Gates?arghh

no,straight to the main of my husband friend commented on the pictures of one niqabi woman strutting (yes,she was posing and the eyes were too seductive) on FB.he is my husband's junior in pondok Pak ya and went to Al azhar too.he told the woman, "tujuan berniqab utk mengelak fitnah. pandangan mata serta bahasa tubuh pun sama." (the purpose of wearing niqab is to prevent fitnah (bad mouthing). that includes eyes gazing and body language.).haa terkedu kak tu bila kene sound sekali. i agreed with Ust. F*.if you are niqabi, doesnt mean that you can upload 1 millions of your pics on FB. will cause fitnah.dont you think so? whats more if you striking a pose , looking fiercely and seductively with big smile (well,the eyes will tell whether you smile or not). i just dont get it.thats why i stated on my status :

memberatkan aurat kesan drpd pemberatan ibadah itulah terbaik. bukan disbbkan dorongan emosi atau persekitaran.
a stricter stand on aurah should be based on the effect of better ibadah.thats the best.not because of emotionally-driven or surrounding

am not bashing any is your niat.i didnt know your niat.only ALLAH knows it.but if you are not doing it sincerely because of Him, its is no good.beware of what we are doing.we are the living syiar of Islam.


Ummu Auni said...

macam dejavu pula. I had a dream last night, with regards of niqabi. tak tahu kenapa, i heard a voice stating that among 20 hijabis, there's 1 not accepted their hijabi..haha. mainan tidur jer tu. but the reasoning during dream was simple, the voice told, because you weren't sincere enough.

well, we tend to beautify ourselves to please other, and not Allah. no pun intended. berhijab, tapi pakai leggings, tudung mesti la up to-trend etc etc. my ustaz commented, cuba lah kita ni pilih baju pejam mata je, ni nak matching itu ini. dush terkena balik kat muka sendiri, hehe

suka sangat article ni

Before I got married, I was given unsolicited advice on how to change in order to make myself “more appealing” to brothers. Sisters would voluntarily tell me I should be more outgoing when with men, dress more attractively to get their attention and stop being as involved with Islamic activism so I would not scare them away.

Since when is our purpose in life marriage? Where in the Qur’an does Allah ask us to change our personalities, dress style and tone down our activism in hopes of getting hitched? Nevertheless, with marriage being such a huge concern in our community, many face the temptation to change their values to find a spouse.

Here’s an idea: Instead of working to please a potential suitor, perhaps we should first seek to please Allah, the One who sows the seed of love in our hearts and can bless us with our dream husband or dream wife…

nur.najib said...

am not intended to bashing anyone kak. but if you already taking a stand to wear niqab which is sunnah, and it is stricter than the mubah, it should be based on deeply concern and in-depth iman.some might argue, niqabi is just people cant escape any wrongdoins.

yes.people cant stop judging people.once you have opted to actually 'stricter' the term of aurah , that shpuld comes in hands with better ibadah.thats the chronology.and thats the way ppl thinking.

if not, niqabi should ask themselves again.why on earth am wearing it? thats answered why some are same like others.niqabi with gedik2 pose.niqabi talking with ajnabi men.

quoted again : pemberatan aurah sepatutnya hasil daripada pemberatan iman dan amal.

kalau tak bley membawa kpd zindiq dan riak