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Monday, April 12, 2010


before i got pregnant with Nuha my first child , I prayed that if I got a girl ill name her Khadijah and if a boy ill name him Muhammad. Then,Nuha born and she was named Nuha Khadijah with Nuha was given by her walid and Khadijah from me.

In a relaxing evening,Id chat with my husband.If we are going to have a son after this, I want to name him with Muhammad and Yusuf.I felt in love with these prophets. Muhammad s.a.w for his izzah and yusuf for his handsome face (aci ke?).Since,my husband wants all of our children to have N as initial , i reserved that for him. (he likes the name Nourredine--->i want it to spell it like this.barulah glams gitew.anyway Nourredine is after syeikh nuruddin al banjari and syeikh nourredine al atha).

plus i told him,after this i want to deliver either in private hosp or overseas.i want him to see how his wife battling her own life for his child.yeah.he never been by my side on all of my labour.first he was in egypt.second he was not allowed by dr.aiman ( she said "muhammad you better stay already looked pale"and yes he was trembling as told by my friend,kak gee).and no 3 , the nurses forgot to call him to come to the labour room.i guess he'll fainted to see me since the contraction was maximum and i sort of begging for life.telling you!no epidural no painkillers but added with pitocyn.Masyaallah,I thank allah for gave me such strngth for gave birth to all my child normally (SVD).

hope that for no 4 , he'll be by my not expecting ok.just a wish for the future. ngehehhehe


Khazinatul_Asrar said...

hehe. nasib baik x rebut2 nak letak nama khadijah je. comel2 anak akak,geram nak cubit2:P. nnt jemputla dtg rumah lg,bwk semua anak2 akak eh. hehe.

u looks young taw.memule igt akak mcm baru je kawen , anak sorg baru.skalii,tiga sudah! jeles2:P
oye, muke akak mcm muke my seniors kat al-amin dulu,tu yg mcm ehh,mcm penah jumpe je. haha.

nur.najib said...

ekekke...nk jumpe drang bley jek..
nampak muda..ekekekke..kawen muda..
akak muke senior awak?sapa namanya?ramai ckp penah tgk muka akak.muka familiar kot