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Saturday, April 10, 2010


i rarely have the luxurious night first,i'd have to stay up writing my academic papers and thesis.eventually,it changed to imsoniac sleeping time is somehow lagging 6 hours behind which make me follows egypt's.during my stay there,i was lagged 6 hours too and i didnt know which country with GMT-4 (our education system offered geography as an elective and rarely offered for science stream students.furthermore,i was not too ambitious secondary school student who aimed to score 20A's.i ended up ignoring some enjoyable and fun facts about our nature and earth)

and now.i lost weight (ok to certain extend i love it.without rigorous exercise i lost 1 kg per week but when the scale couldnt stop dropping i guess there is something seriously affecting me).besides i look i look tiring.admit it im in full distress situation.yeah.i really stress to write this.i couldnt remember any statistical thingy ive learnt!im blank.and i felt a bit helpless.

and the methodology is what killing me softly.why on earth im doing mixed method with quasi experiment?why?Why?yeah im too obsessed with creswell's idea.darn it!and yeah those intellectual from deaf education and the land of the tulips drove me to this.harrison,easterbrook,knoors..inspired me to survive.and i still survived all the procedure.

my colleagues said my writing is too in-depth.too detail.i seriously didnt know WTH im writing just flows naturally and when it comes to this stats part im stucked (like a pickles at my teeth)

oo allah just give me some mental strngthness.some be free man again! and this coming 23 is a year after my uncle passed away.may AlLah blessed him for his good doing & kindness.

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