this is my 3rd sequel from the mental lexicon saga ( too old to heart cullen).the mental lexicon I was abandoned because of the slow server.the mental lexicon II is-now-defunct simply because i lost the password and can't login.

Friday, April 16, 2010


"summary is the part when you are tired of thinking"

ok ok.i told u before, i wont watch downloaded house in my notebook.ill watch on AXN instead.but i cant resist it!last night i spent my time watching 3 episodes back-to-back!!OMG it was too sinful.neglecting my thesis and lavishing my time with house md.and resulting me being guilty as charged man for the whole next day.(this is what happened when i didnt have any internet connection.i fed myself more outrageously)

my husband left for penang this morning.have meeting & business deal with the shipping first,he asked me to follow.but when i said,im afraid it is too hot and i ended up suffering bad migraine,eventually he retracted back.if we are going to stay in a cool place (read:hotel) it is ok then.but, you know,penang is a neighbour of kedah.and of course he, as a filial son will stay in his parents' house in kedah. maybe after the summer end and the winter waving in,ill follow him to kedah.and he know how bad am suffering when the migraine attacking me.thanks dearie for understanding me and not forcing me to come along.

on the other hands,more abuse cases reported.naahhh!!i hate those abuser. cheapskate! lousy!loser!if u r really good at hitting child,lets try hitting the adults.and what makes me feel irked the reaction from the neighbours.WTH after the dead you barking about what u heard : crying,screaming so forth.i just dont understand.malaysian can be so kepohci (noisy) at the wrong place at the wrong time but to do some reasonable and just action we will keep silent and ignored.see the pattern there.ulu yam and now seri kembangan case.and both cases are done by the partner in crime who is jobless.please find better job rather than murderer abuser.

ok.yesterday i bought another dubai abaya.and again my husband : "WHAT?ABAYA LAGI?/more abaya?"i said yes.and he continued : "DUBAI tak nak beli ke?/why dont u just buy dubai herself".it fall on a deaf ears,darl.whatever you said is so sweet to my ears (yikes) since ill make a payment using your monies.luv ya so much!im telling you.before,i just bought 1 piece of abaya/jilbab in a year for 3 consecutive years (this is the average amount) and now i took a revenge and meraban bershopping..hahahahaha

this abaya named farah.i love those furry2..ekekek(i cilok this pic from sis suhaila's fb.since im buying it and not receive it yet,hope u dont mind me sharing yours here)

another things:ill spend my weekends at my parents'.balik kampung la gamaknya.and the internet might be as slow as a snail (or even slower) and i cant play my games and sending gifts.ok im an avid gamer.and my husband said he didnt know he is married one. muahhaha. now you know la kan abang!i said i never neglected my duties because of games.i played it during leisure time.again he said : "is it?why there is always screen of RC?".and i grinning!it is automatic games ok.just feed the staff and look at t he trade.thats all.and it just took less than 5 min.and he stopped when I started to bring on the stadium Astro games issue.ekekkekeke

ok reader.thanks for following my might be a simple notation of my life.or me raging civil war here but i know that we are reading community and we love to know what happened to each others!see ya on the next entry !


Ummu Auni Afif said...

ija, cuba buat bekam. akak baru buat isnin minggu lepas. fyi, i've complicated migraine. mmg teruk sampai kena wad. sebulan ni, rasa berpusing je. last2 buat bekam, Alhamdulillah setakat ni migraine tak ada. akak buat kat sri gombak tu je

nur.najib said...

kat mana kak?sakit tak?

Ummu Auni Afif said...

akak dah jawab kat FB tadi. nanti ija tengok ye :)