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Friday, March 26, 2010

i love :

i love : for personal care

clairol herbal essences with lavender for anti breaking hair for great smells & effectiveness
(duh,i sounds like drafting my thesis when the word effectiveness used)

secret garden body wash Orient with soymilk & rice
(sounds so tantalizing yet smells so lovely)

loreal white perfect skincare regime
(prevention is better than cure.sun accelerating ageing skin , sis!)

bodyshop moroccan rose ! voila


Cik Tima said...

mcm best je soymilk n rice..
kang makan shower gel mase mandi plak..haha

nur.najib said...

oii mmg sodap..yg moroccan rose tu pon abg long ko blikan cassia rose plak..bersyukur jek la