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Thursday, March 11, 2010

random thought

wow i didnt blog for 2 x caya.
all coz of my baby nafeesah.since her mak tok
came here, she cried n cried n i ? couldnt even
writing my thesis .(ok,there is a strong relationship between
doing my thesis & online activities ie blog,fb).im not sure why
but 'hypothesising' with my husband .."maybe ada benda ikut mak tok
dok kaco anak gak"..ahaks u gotcha!! sort of ketahyulan skit..heuheuehu
im not so sure..actually im joking here,..yeah u might said "WT..with that kind of joke"
but is my MIL kept insisting somebody using a black magic on her.dont blame me just echoing what she said..

and since there is some rage (refer to my past entries) , i decided to use my thesis factor to be a reason for me spending my time lavishly in my air-con room.i just took care of my bb and doing some comments here n there n read the other's ppl journals (so that im not dumbfounded during the viva & learning their style of writing).no everything and feel more relax.(i told u mr husband,i need a maid). and loves my parents for coming let me ease the anger and sadness.To the targeted person: if u pissed me off , you will paid it!

and one more thing, the thing i cant comprehend.why ppl think Zulkifli Nordin doing a wrong action? he did a right thing and he wrote on his personal blog in a relax manner pon ada org start thinking , many malaysian jenis kecut teloq nk perjuang something they stand for but will do it if their face or name is disclosed.tak caya?cube try tgk used ur own name,confront it..ada berani?ive tried this before.with some popular & celebrity ustaz because i cants tand his status on FB that kept bashing others and there is hint that "aku la yg terbaik"..we did argued and i knew he kepedasan coz he kept being sarcastic to win..but again.."KO TU USTAZ,KALO THAT WAY YOU REACTED IS NO GOOD"..i didnt care uve been minister overseas ke..for me..i spoke my mind..agaknya org2 kita ni x ley terima beza pendapat skit..melenting je..poyo btul..
oo yeah bout mahfuz omar..WTH with the PKR ties?ur colleague Khalid Samat didnt even bother to mend the ties with his PAS fellow pon?siap ungkit HAssan Ali shud have more penalty instead of warning ..*blergh..i hate khalid samat (im just practicing my freedom of speech)..alamak i felt like perez hilton sudah..(but that mamat is kutuk die x ley , die kutuk org sama la plak cam politikus & celebrity ustaz kita)..

yeah..this kind of ppl are representing majority of Malaysian.and i loathe that.critical mind is a crisp product of judging the good and bad and summarized it at ur own!taaa

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