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Thursday, March 18, 2010

witty word fran!

i watched The Nanny over and over again (yeah Hallmark Ch. kept repeating it) but Ive never bored.The jokes were so fresh (yet it was done in 90s) and witty. The way Fran,Val & her mom,Sylvia acted were so natural and Niles too! They came along with smart quotations too!But,through the end,the series became a bit bland and too much romance take the jokes away.Anyway,I still watched it (whenever there is no good series to watch for)


Cik Tima said...

haha..betul..aku pon x boring tgk

nur.najib said...

haah..aku pon bab yg fran da gedik2 stat bercinta dgn sheffield aku x bape suke..over