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Saturday, March 20, 2010

a penny spend is a 10% happier..woots!

today, I (pls emphasized it) decided to go shopping.

1.Kuala Lumpur international Book Festival
plan to buy 'how to read book' and hard-paper books for my kids , since Nuha kept asking "ummi,kakak suka buka yg kertas tebal."(translate:mom,i want a book with this hard-paper".
I am exempted.I know,people who read is people who is enlightened.I read but I just borrow it from my univ. library.It is FOC until I returned it late and have to pay the fine.Books nowadays are pricey.Im not going to 'terbang' those 'har-earned' money I blackmailed from my husband (ngehehehhe) to buy books which I can finished reading it in a day (and abstained all other housechores) and then just parked lazily on my bookcase.conclusion is im 'kedekut' (spendthrift) maa.

2.Jalan TAR
hunting some hijab for my kids.Their teacher asked them to wear it.I guess maybe for Iqra class.And plan to find some inner for them..Where to find?And since we'll heading to Jln TAR,i want to find some abaya for me..MUAHAHAHHAHA...(my husbnd will burst to tears!).And MUST stop @ SOGO.I WANT 1901 hotdogs!

To find some on sale items.bedside table & coffee table perhaps.and maybe some unnecessary items that doesnt include on my lists.Im a neurotic buyer.ekekek.And will husband have their poached salmon?And I am addicted to their UTZ certfied cappucino..yummy and after that head-spinny!!

will all these objectives achieved?Ill run the test first and the findings will be reported later.TTFN


Farra said...

adik, bby sape jaga? akak pon tingin gi shopping but ade bby kann

nur.najib said...

bb bwk skali..husband ngekor skali yg kakak2nye berdua tuh dilepakkan di rumah atok & wannya di gombak

Farra said...

susah aa by nangis kangg..ok ke bby awak?

nur.najib said...

x nangis..da siap bf dah..cuma nk blk tu dia start kat rumah mmg x bley nk renggang nk wat kije muaz?