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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nelly Furtado guys!

in my early months of marriage, i used a Nelly Furtado's Powerless as a waiting tone, since i love that song so much.One day, one 'ustaz'y type called me for some event and he told my friend "betulke die tu org ***,ada lagu sosial jek." i told my husband , who is Al-Azharian and he couldnt laugh out loud better than this.Expect an unexpected from me.


Cik Tima said...

mengata dulang paku serpih,
mengata orang dia yang lebih

nur.najib said...

ko kata paku mana?roma romama gaga ulalala..set2 camtu mmg..suka nk pandang serong juling..last2 da kawen sume pon kenangan je