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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

there is something about frosty!

i heart frosty.the sensation of crunching the half-crushing ice blended with syrup and laced with others ingredients are irresistable. if given choice , between food & ice blended . i opted ICE BLENDED!! yeay!!..yesterday i went to Firzana again.Satisfying my craving for ice blended.

choc + cookies frosty!

strawberry frosty

teemama sila jeles!


norhasni said...

timama,nnt ko balik KL, aku xmo bawak ko g kedai nih..wahahahaa

Cik Tima said...

hahahahaha taw2 je aku nakkkK!!!!
sedap nk mamposss!

nur.najib said...

mmg sodap weihhh
aku ketageihhh
(pantun 2 kerat)

Cik Tima said...

haha..perlukah pantun?