this is my 3rd sequel from the mental lexicon saga ( too old to heart cullen).the mental lexicon I was abandoned because of the slow server.the mental lexicon II is-now-defunct simply because i lost the password and can't login.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


to all readers

im naturally a quiet person.but i do observe what had happened surround me.
and when i opened my mouth.voicing my opinion.thats mean i really care about the issue.
or the issue ruined my day.and i can be the most venomous poison if i started to be other than quiet my husband said to me: "Jangan disangka sungai yg tenang xda boya.Masalahnya awak la boya tu." translate : dont think a calm river is without a croc.u r d croc not the river.

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nur.najib said...

peribahasa my husnad is quite weird.whateva la abang