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Monday, May 17, 2010


first of all ,this lil girl is 7 months old today.she is trying to crawl and can sit quite well ! how time flies!

my parents just came back from their vacation in surabaya,indonesia. they bought me a piece of beautiful 'kerawang' telekung , batik sarung , pelikat sarung for my hubby , coffee & choc

this is mocha.its bit sweet for my palate

this capuccino will make starbucks run for their money ! masyaallah so tasty & creamy ..also have that choc powder.and yes the name is tora bika

the batik sarung is the purple nice & fine.the motif is not too javanese though which is i like!!!and the color is so rich and this beautiful item is yet too cheap and i really heart mom said,she bought 15 pieces and has this pastel pink batik sarung.i think i want a matter of fact,i wear it at home.somehow,i didnt do justice for this beautiful piece of art.sigh

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