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Saturday, May 15, 2010


it is tiring when your husband is often outstation for business a month, a total 8-12 days he spent in a business outing which is primarily in penang.since the vessel & all the cargo loads arrived in penang port so , he had to settle all the customs' clearance there.

ok.i might sound selfish.but i just couldnt ignore how i felt about this.before,we survived long-distance marriage which made us spent 'bearable' separation for 13 telling you,it was so hard and i will never do it again .he hinted about he wanted to strengthen his business in egypt. thats mean stay there for a year or two.fortunately he wants to bring all of us.but still in vague about that.and he'll be in egypt soon.not sure when.and that could take up to a month.

i might say that im used to this situation but deep inside , my wifey & ummi instinct, it is just too hard. sometimes being apart make the hearts grow fonder.but doing it in a relatively often make your heart grow colder.

oo allah helps me!

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