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Friday, May 14, 2010

baiti jannati

i put this on my FB status :

Nour El Nageeb personally thinks that : a home with small kids
, it is just normal to have some hint of existence of this small
creatures (read:scattered toys,smacking puree,wall graffiti with
alphabet) as long as it is part of us teaching them about cleanliness.
note:grammatical disorder might be traced.beware for those who are perfectionist

i just want to share with the readers some insights on my living (ceh..budget celeb ke?)enjoy.

simple & nothing- grand living room.eyes can be deceiving.there were something lied on the floor.

supposed a notice section.thats mom's day card handmade by both my girls.and congrats card and reception card from che nubb.oo yeah that basket is for my that he can easily dump all his things there without scattering all over the place.

nusaibah in my little-not-so-secret garden which all the plants are on the pots.well,neu haus will see great landscape

my kids enjoying their times! paparazzi will haunt us!!lol!kiddink


bAiTi said...

Nurul, rumah kat mana? Comel2 anak.. :)

nur.najib said...

kami dok seri kembangan.thanks..:)