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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


melinda gordon said to her partner "no matter how big our wedding reception , the only matter is you and me."

school holiday is around the malaysia,people will choose this holiday to be married and held their wedding reception (walima).

regarding the marriage , in Islam the best woman is the one with the reasonable affordable amount of mahar and produces loads of children. but in a current situation , we witnessed the walima which is for me in a very large scale and outrageous.ok , people might say , it is once in a life time.but , hey ! is that necessary to splurge a big amount on it instead of keeping that excessive head banging spent money into your account for your new life after marriage?

and wedding is getting too much commercialized and somehow being used as a way to show off. dont you see , most of the weddings now have this rented luxurious car (ie mercedes, bmw) to fetch this married couples to their walima's venues.ok , lets us use our neuron on this incredible brain to justify this.if you are working with average income below rm1000 (approx USD 300+) and your partner is in the same level , WTheck you think when you decide to ride a MERCEDES during your walima?To show off?Listen to me dear,better save it for your future and dont started making any instalment!

And this so-called wang blanja kahwin, it is a bit different from mahr.this is your gift of money to your future wife and popular in malaysian culture.again WTheck you charged your future son-in-law RM10,000 for your just SPM holder working as a general worker in government agency.*dush*ding*dush ( punching my bean loathing.)Did you know that he is just a N27 staff in government agency and doing that you are burdening your daughter's life.

And the wedding feast.Why must nasi minyak/briyani and all those heart attack-on-the bay menu?why dont settle on the more healthy and yet affordable menu.Try roti telur or sardin or plain rice with roasted chicken & laods of vege?and plain dont need to borrow from others to marry your child.

Again,the wedding dresses.As i stated on my Facebook.It is okay to wear cheap items as long as it doesnt look cheap.Applied it here!Wear matched dresses & apply the suitable make-up. And again,Prada shoes,Givenchy make-up doesnt make sense to you if it doesnt matched with yourself.Be creative.And again!!please no replica of these famous name.Carlo Rino or Bonia is just good as the previous stated!

Last but nor least,respect your guests.Not all your guests loves to hear the voices that enables to crack their ear & whack their head (that including me!).Dont blaring any song session on the loud speaker.Just make it private among yourself & family.If i want to listen any song,Ill just stick to Rihanna,Beyonce & Mariah carey (what?hahaha)

And keep humming the sound of poverty ? this is what we called plain stupid , arrogant & never learnt a lesson people.get up!practice the real teachings of Islam.*duh

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