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Thursday, May 27, 2010

keen on animals

This is my second daughter , Nusaibah. She was born in Cairo,Egypt. And she proud of it and claimed she is an Arab.hehe.

The day before yesterday, she said she wanted to be a frog.Yesterday she wanted to be a bird.And today she said she wanted to be an elephant.And she loves watching Animal Planets and Animal Mechanicals on Playhouse Disney.

Yeah.Kids like that.Love animals.Veterinar or zoologist would be nice job for her then.Ummi prays for you,girl!


Cik Tima said...

nseb bek x ckp nk jd b*b*..hihihi
sile jgn bg dia tgk crite yg ade mende tuh

n said...

hahhahah..tu la..die kata nafeesah comel cam anak anjing..nasib baik beudak tue ckp aku lempang mulut bg bisu