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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i made nasi lemak a fried talapia.however, i fall asleep after watching criminal minds.means that i didnt stored all the foods left, in a fridge.and my husband didnt help me doing that either.and today : hunger strike (no cook).shared responsibility must be learned and im not a maid either.lets taking care of our home together.

nasi lemak (rice in coconut milk with anchovies in sambal,boiled eggs,roasted peanut & cucumber)


zahra said...

nasi lemak is one of my favourite dishes!

nur.najib said...

zahra..r u malaysian? ermm since im on diet...i just cooked it .. but i didnt eat it..that reuiqred a lot of pereerverance..sigh

zahra said...

nope but theres alot of malaysian restaurants in my town and i always order nasi lemak or roti canai! i need to try making it at home one time.

nur.najib said...

wow!!nice..u r in which part of oz? fact several of my friends are there doing postgrad..and me too is thnking of the university of queensland as my among other next step besides netherlenads & us.