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Saturday, May 15, 2010

abaya! need your help!

i finalized this three.this is will be my abaya for special occasion.which one is the best?share your opinion with me please.

handmade embroidery with wide sleeves.
those sleeves come with roses & stones.i likeey too!

those ruffles & stones are wow!i hearty too!


Anonymous said...

the second one! :)


nur.najib said...

i seconded that miss!!!

Azlin Nurain Hj Adnan said...

i wish to have both the first n the second one..huhu! both are sweet n unique. :)make a pick,sis..

nur.najib said...

wahhhhh susahnyaaaa..blame it to kak sue..yg jual lelawa..ill ask my pahlawan yan dulu...ekekekkeke

Anonymous said...

rose & stone tu nmpk simple n x ketat sgt~ yg petama tu cm keling la..kak, mcm2 kaler hujung dia huehuehue~


nur.najib said...

en tukangkebun

abaya mana ada ketat dik oii..tu die kepit pin kat pinggang patung tu..ekekekkek

k***ling sensitif dik..wehwehweh..anyway thanks for opinion.nk tunggu abg njb ckp apa plak

Cik Tima said...

aku suke yg first..
kalo function lawa ngerlip2 sket..
tp haris kte cam kel***???

nur.najib said...

yg first tu mnghelip ke teems?ko biobetoiii

kakchik said...

1st and 2nd. for glam up functions, wear the 1st, and not so formal functions the 2nd one

nur.najib said...

wah banyak opinion.. i loikee..inilah diary tak rahsia namanya..ekekek..lambat benar juri agung yg berkuasa veto ni nak balik dr penang..kita dah le tak menyabo nk beli..ekekekke