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Sunday, May 23, 2010

food for my tum?

having supper @ kunang-kunang.the supposed 'candle lite dinner' in the midst of lush jungly(?am there any word like this) garden, the garden cafe is cool place to hang out.but the rain came so heavily & i cant stand the wet & coldness plus i ordered ice-blended before.ouch...back at home..flu was waving..argh!! lets see what we had there.

they called it tiramisu ice blended.the only thing i drink when i came here.

plain rice with chicken in green thai curry which is similar taste to rendang uwan nogori prepared by my grandma.

if u ask me what i ate ..the answer i ate breadcrumb on

and did some grocery shopping @ pasaraya grand union (what?katne tu?)well,somewhere in industrial area in seri kembangan.i bet UPM students or staffs knew this place.the price is so much cheaper and my husband discovered this gem:

OMG!!this is granola bar in forms of cereal and it is much more cheaper and value for your money.i love mornflake products but i couldnt find it @ carrefour.wondering how it can be ended up in this neighbourhood mart.i didnt eat this with milk.i took it as a snack.and it is so delicious.i love the oaty...hahaha..ok stop..u r exaggerating it nour..time to interprete your data back!!unless your SV will call you..taaa


Farra said...

terliuq tgk tiramisu ice blended tu!! bila nak blanje ni ? ehehh

zahra said...

argh you just made my tummy grumble like crazy. my favourite dessert is tiramisu, and having that as a blended beverage, oh boy.

nur.najib said...

kak farah:hehe..
zahra:bet it!heavenly slurp nyum!